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Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting & Breaking has been providing the Greater Los Angeles area with precision concrete cutting and related services for over 40 years. If you reside in Alhambra, have a business in Alhambra or surrounding cities, and need professional construction or demolition services, we hope you will choose us at Accu-Cut to provide you with the best work possible. Concrete cutting, breaking, and hauling, along with other construction and demolition services is our passion, and our goal to provide excellence never wavers. We are lucky to have many loyal customers in the area, and we hope to count you among them soon! So what exactly do we do at Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting & Breaking? Please read on to learn more about all of our services and specialties.

Our Services

At Accu-Cut, we are way more than just quality concrete cutting! In fact, you may be surprised about the range of services we offer, and are commissioned to complete on a daily basis. Listed below are just a few of our most popular requests.   

Concrete Cutting Services in Alhambra, California

Concrete Cutting – During construction jobs, the need for concrete cutting is high, considering modifying and cutting new and existing concrete works is a common part of the job. The problem is, concrete cutting should only be handled by licensed professionals who know how to handle concrete saws to get the job done efficiently and accurately. If not, time and money will likely be wasted, and even worse, safety will be in question. We put the Accu-Cut in every concrete cutting job we do! We make smooth lines and precision cuts through reinforced concrete, concrete slabs and walls, masonry, and stone works. Through such techniques as slab sawing, electric sawing, and even repair work, we are your full-service and best skilled concrete cutting team.

Concrete Concrete Grinding Services in Alhambra, California

Concrete Grinding – One of the most common services we undertake to keep the general public safe is concrete grinding. Due to natural weather occurrences and the passage of time in general, there are portions of concrete slabs that raise, creating an uneven surface along common walkways that are dangerous to passersby. Too often you probably see raised concrete slabs on the sidewalk in your neighborhood, which is a dangerous nuisance to pedestrians. With our concrete grinding services, we can safely and efficiently grind these uneven concrete areas, creating smooth walkways.

Concrete Concrete Demolition Services in Alhambra, California

Concrete Breaking & Removal – Whether you are interested in having concrete demolished and removed from a residential, commercial, or industrial site in Alhambra, we at Accu-Cut have the skills and tools to get the job done, leaving behind no trace of our work. We always break up concrete in controllable sizes, load the concrete pieces in our trucks, and safely haul it away. As with all of our other types of services, we always evaluate the worksite in question, rope off the work area for safety, proceed with the proper tools, complete the job, and make the worksite as clean as new before leaving.

Concrete Core Drilling Services in Alhambra, California

Core Drilling – To break through strong, reinforced structures, core drilling is the task most often called upon. With the use of a core drill and an array of specialty sized attachment bits, we can cut through concrete walls, masonry work, and stone in order to drill precise holes of any size. For example, a core drill is used to cut through walls and floors in residences and businesses to install cable or internet lines, and even light fixtures. On a much larger scale, core drilling is also utilized to create new sewer or water lines beneath buildings and homes, so entrusting your core drilling jobs to trusted experts is absolutely essential.

Concrete Concrete Wall Sawing Services in Alhambra, California

Wall Sawing – Though it may sound similar to core drilling, wall sawing involves cutting through heavy structures that are vertical or sloped. Wall saws are unique in that they mount to the surface, and a specialty pattern is set for the saw blade so that precision is always guaranteed. Though of course, like all construction work, wall saws should only be operated by licensed and trained professionals, like us at Accu-Cut, to ensure the job is performed superbly, and safely.

Concrete Backhoe and Tractor Services in Alhambra, California

Backhoe Services – When large slabs of concrete, dirt and debris need to be removed from the worksite, a backhoe is oftentimes employed for the task. Driven by a professional operator, a backhoe is a large machine that has an extended arm with attached bucket, which can clasp and retain large amounts of debris. They are a common part of every construction and demolition site, as they can quickly and safely remove chunks of debris and drop said debris into dumpsters, to be hauled from the site later. Because this is sensitive work, it is vital to hire experts like us at Accu-Cut so that costly backhoe accidents do not happen on your time, or your property.

Why Choose Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting & Breaking?

When you need a construction and demolition team to give you the highest quality results quickly and affordably on your property in Alhambra, rely on us at Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting & Breaking. For decades, we have been providing Alhambra residents with superb work pertaining to concrete cutting, removing and hauling, wall sawing, core drilling, backhoe operation, and more. From small jobs, such as repairing your residential driveway so that it is smooth and safe for your vehicles, to removing immense pieces of reinforced concrete walls and floors in industrial sites, there is truly no job too big or too small for our team. Our attention to detail and commitment to keeping individuals safe cannot be matched by any other company, and our reliable fleet of machinery and tools is state-of-the-art and accurate.

If you planning a construction or demolition project for your property in Alhambra, why not give us a call today at 310-327-3454 to discuss the details with one of our friendly associates. We will happily come up with the most straightforward and affordable plan of action for you and your project, or you can fill out the simple form on this website to receive a free project estimate.