Your Concrete Cutting Source in Artesia

When we think about concrete and concrete work, we imagine it to be very rough, using jackhammers to bust the material up before hauling it away. In truth, much of the work with concrete involves cutting, drilling, and grinding—not just breaking—which requires a delicate and precise approach. As such, you don’t want to trust it to just any company.

And that is why Artesia turns to Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking for its concrete needs. We have been working in Artesia and surrounding Los Angeles cities for more than 40 years, bringing expertise, top-of-the-line equipment, quality customer service, and incredible technical ability together to offer the very best work possible. We can complete quality projects of any size, with a focus on efficiency, worksite safety, and incredible results.

Concrete Cutting

When people hear the words “concrete cutting,” they imagine a loud, violent jackhammer breaking the concrete into pieces. This isn’t what concrete cutting looks like—at least not anymore. While jackhammers have their place, modern concrete cutting is a precision-focused job, utilizing a contemporary tool called a slab saw.

This specialty saw is designed to slice through concrete, reinforced concrete, or masonry. It is able to do this because it features a diamond-tipped circular blade that is able to make precise cuts in the material rather than breaking it apart. Floor-mounted saws are used in large spaces and for large jobs, while hand-held slab saws can be used for smaller jobs in tighter spaces.

But why would you need concrete cutting? There are a variety of reasons you might require this service. It can be used to remove damaged portions of concrete without harming the surrounding area. If you need to install new utilities or reach old ones that are beneath the concrete, it can make the space needed.

However, slab saw work should only be done by a trained expert. Accu-Cut trains its technicians on how to work with slab saws, ensuring that their abilities meet our standards. We can offer you skilled, speedy service for concrete cutting jobs both indoors and out.

Concrete Core Drilling Services in Artesia, California

Core Drilling

Slab saws are able to cut straight lines in horizontal surfaces. But what about jobs where you need drilling? In these cases, what you need is core drilling. Core drilling is a procedure that allows us to drill precise holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, and masonry. We do this using a mounted drill that has an open-mouthed circular bit.

Core drilling is vital in both new and old construction. In new construction, it is used to make the paths needed for things such as fixtures, electrical work, and plumbing. In older construction, it is used in remodeling and retrofitting to make way for the same items. It can also be used to form anchor points for fixed items, such as banisters and benches.

While some types of concrete drilling can be completed by a general contractor, core drilling is not one of these types. Because it drills deeper into the structure and is used to run vital items, such as plumbing and electric, you want to be sure the person doing the drilling is highly experienced. Accu-Cut technicians are trained on and experienced with core-drilling equipment and know how to complete the job while maintaining structural integrity. Our equipment can drill holes as small as a half an inch or as large as 30 inches in width. For accuracy and efficiency in core drilling, choose us.

Concrete Concrete Demolition Services in Artesia, California

Concrete Demolition

Demolition sounds like a chaotic job, so you might think it is something that you can trust to a general contractor. Since it doesn’t use specialized equipment and isn’t as precise as millimeter-thick cuts, it seems like many people would be able to tackle the job just fine. However, we believe that it is still a job that only those specializing in concrete work should handle.

No matter how small a demolition job is, it is risky. And when it is placed in untrained hands, it becomes a lot riskier. Accu-Cut team members are properly trained, licensed, and insured, so you can place your trust in their work. We always carefully prepare for any and all demolition work, and use direct oversight throughout the process so that nothing goes wrong. For concrete and masonry demolition of all types, you can count on us.

Concrete Breaking and Removing in Artesia, California

Concrete Breaking and Removing

Much like demolition work, people tend to think that concrete breaking and removal isn’t precision work and can be left to just about anyone to do. However, it is risky work and only technicians who have been trained to do it should undertake the job. What are some of the risks involved? You can cut too far and puncture the gas line or cause a water main leak. If you are not careful, surrounding concrete and property can be damaged. It is incredibly important that you leave breaking to experts. Accu-Cut provides professional service from the planning stages to the safe disposal of the concrete.

Concrete Concrete Wall Sawing Services in Artesia, California

Wall Sawing

This job uses a tool that is a lot like a slab saw. What makes it different is that it is designed to be used on vertical or slanted surfaces. Rather than being mounted to the floor or held by hand, it uses a system of tracks to make steady, precise cuts in the concrete. This type of sawing can be used to make openings for windows, doors, and other items. Since it is used to significantly change the structure of a building, you should only allow an expert to complete this job.

Concrete Concrete Grinding Services in Artesia, California

Concrete Grinding

Uneven concrete surfaces are dangerous; they can cause people to trip and fall and can make it difficult to use the space where the concrete is located. Sometimes this occurs because the job wasn’t done right in the first place, but it can also happen due to movements of the earth and the structure settling over time. For larger jobs, we use a floor-mounted grinder, and for smaller jobs, we use hand-held grinders.

Accu-Cut technicians are trained to complete this work quickly and accurately. Experience and training is vital as it is easy to make a mistake that makes new hazards while trying to remove the old ones. We can remove up to 1/4th of an inch of uneven concrete while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

Concrete Backhoe and Tractor Services in Artesia, California

Backhoe Services

In addition to the smaller equipment we offer, we can also provide you with backhoe and backhoe loader services that will speed up the timeline of your project while ensuring that everything is safe and secure. Our technicians are trained in their operation to ensure that no harm comes to the job site. We have a fleet of these machines ready to go, as well as the operators needed to get the job done.

Proudly Serving Artesia

Accu-Cut has been Artesia’s choice for concrete cutting and related services since 1974. Over the years, we have come to be known for offering high-quality work that is completed quickly and within budget. For concrete or masonry cutting, drilling, demolition, breaking, grinding, or removal, call us today for your free estimate.