Proudly Serving Azusa

Accu-Cut has been a proud member of the Azusa community since 1974, helping residents and businesses alike. We specialize in precision concrete cutting and other demolition services, taking care of some of the most back-breaking work in construction while ensuring quality results and maintaining the highest safety standards. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in our work, treating every job with the utmost care and respect.

Azusa is a growing city, with plenty of need for concrete work. If you have a need for concrete cutting or breaking in the Los Angeles area, we are confident that we are the company you should work with. Please read below to learn more about what Accu-Cut can offer you.

Our Services

Part of helping a city grow is ensuring that its infrastructure and buildings are well constructed and well maintained. In Azusa, much of the infrastructure and buildings use concrete, from sidewalks to foundations to whole buildings. When problems arise, specialists are needed to address them, and demolition requires a great amount of knowledge and care. We offer Azusa all the concrete services it needs to be its very best.

Concrete Cutting Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Cutting

As you might imagine from our name, concrete cutting is a big part of what we do here in Azusa. We can make precise cuts to concrete walls, ceilings, slabs, stone, and masonry. We can even create cuts in reinforced concrete. Our tools and methods ensure clean lines that are free of gaps and variations, creating a solid foundation for your contractor to work with.

Concrete Core Drilling Services in bell-gardens, California

Core Drilling

It is important that core drilling jobs are left to specialists, as if they are done wrong, they can compromise the integrity of the entire structure. We can complete core drilling jobs for installing internet lines, sewer lines, electric lines, and more. If you have a need for core drilling, you can count on us to get the job done right.

Concrete Concrete Demolition Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Demolition

Whether it is due to damage, renovation, or just a need to get rid of an existing structure, Accu-Cut can handle your concrete demolition projects. We have completed many demolition projects, both residential and commercial, throughout Azusa and Southern California at large. We use industry-leading tools and experienced professionals, taking great care to only impact the structure being demolished. As always, we focus on safety first. Once the demolition is complete, we haul away the debris and leave you with a site that is ready to build on once more.

Concrete Concrete Wall Sawing Services in bell-gardens, California

Wall Sawing

Sometimes you need to modify an existing structure for a project. With wood frame construction, this is easy, but with concrete construction, it is significantly harder. We offer wall sawing services that cut designs into concrete walls and sloped ceilings. This can be used to access other parts of the building, creating windows and doors or any other type of opening you might need.

Concrete Concrete Grinding Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Grinding

When concrete floors are uneven, they pose a trip hazard. This is very dangerous, and can even be a liability for the property owner. Sometimes this unevenness is due to a problem during construction, but in most cases, it is due to the movement of the ground and things such as tree roots pressing against the concrete. We can grind down raised portions of concrete to create a uniform surface that is safe for walking on.

Concrete Backhoe and Tractor Services in Artesia, California

Backhoe Services

Many demolition and construction jobs require backhoe services to remove debris. These specialty machines should not be operated by anyone other than a trained professional. At Accu-Cut, we offer professional backhoe services, removing dirt, concrete, allowing you to more safely and efficiently move forward with your project.

Why Choose Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting & Breaking?

Anytime you are taking on a concrete project, it is vital that you work with a company that is experienced, fully licensed, and insured. Accu-Cut is one such company. And because Azusa deserves the very best, we also adhere to the strictest safety standards, going beyond those mandated by the government, not just meeting local and federal requirements, but exceeding them. For us, it isn’t enough to do a job well; we must also do it safely. We are confident that you will not find another team that is more professional, hardworking, or friendly than Accu-Cut.

Since 1974, Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting has been offering the best precision concrete cutting services in the region. We work to offer you solutions that meet your needs and stay within your budget. Our team has worked on projects big and small, from the Los Angeles transit system to small outbuildings on residential properties. No matter the size of the project or budget, we always deliver our very best.

In addition to our regular concrete cutting and breaking services, we also offer emergency service. Should you encounter a problem that needs to be remedied quickly, we are ready to rush into action, addressing the problem and getting you back on track. We are always ready to get to work for you.

We only hire the very best technicians, and even then, we have them complete our in-house training to ensure that they meet our standards. We have a fully-equipped fleet and use top-of-the-line tools, allowing us to tackle any job, and to complete multiple jobs at once. We firmly believe that we are the best concrete service available to you in Azusa.

Get Started with Accu-Cut

If you have a project coming up that requires concrete cutting or breaking, give us a call. We can help you determine which services you need and will schedule a team to get started on the best date for you. Here in Azusa, there is always a need for our services, and we appreciate that so many residents and businesses turn to us. We have been helping Azusa for over 40 years, and we look forward to 40 more.

For a quick, free estimate on a concrete cutting or wall sawing job, give us a call at (310) 879-5358. We look forward to working with you.