Premier Concrete Cutting Services for the City of Bell

In the City of Bell and surrounding cities, the experts at Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking are standing by to help you modify or demolish any structure made from concrete or masonry. Whether you need to repair or remove a single-car driveway or a major commercial installation, we have the dedication, skill and experience needed to get the job done on time and on budget. And an enduring emphasis on safety helps us keep even the busiest work-site orderly and accident-free.

Concrete Cutting Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Cutting

Modern concrete cutting is carried out with a specialized piece of equipment called a slab saw or flat saw. It differs greatly from the outdated methods of the past, which relied on the use of inaccurate, noise- and air-polluting jackhammers. While a jackhammer cuts with a hard-to-control chisel bit, a flat saw relies on a circular cutting blade outfitted with diamond-tipped teeth. With proper guidance, these teeth can make extremely precise cuts in concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry. Floor-mounted flat saws and smaller hand-held models are used to do such things as gain access to damaged utility lines, create new utility trenches and remove damaged sections of concrete and masonry structures.
At Accu-Cut, we specialize in truly professional concrete cutting that maximizes your jobsite efficiency without jeopardizing your crucial safety margins. Whether you need just a few cuts or extensive work performed on multiple structures, we provide the expertise required to meet your objective. And in all circumstances, we pair our professional knowhow with the appropriate floor-mounted or hand-held equipment.

Concrete Concrete Wall Sawing Services in bell-gardens, California

Wall Sawing

To make accurate cuts on vertical or angled surfaces, you must switch from a flat saw to a different piece of equipment called a wall saw. While the two saws share basic operating principles, wall saws are specifically designed to ride remotely on track guides for optimal accuracy. You should plan on the use of these devices whenever you need to create door or window openings or overhead openings of any kind in concrete reinforced concrete or masonry. You should also plan on using wall saws to repair, modify or remove concrete panels.
Safe, effective wall sawing relies on two factors: the right equipment for the job and skilled equipment operation. Any other scenario drastically increases your risks for inadequate cutting results and worksite mishaps and injuries. We’re committed to supporting your wall sawing needs with expert personnel and the very best in well-maintained, specialized equipment. This approach helps you achieve your objectives the first time around while eliminating avoidable accidents.

Concrete Core Drilling Services in bell-gardens, California

Core Drilling

Residential and commercial construction and renovation projects often call for the precise placement of holes in walls and other structures made from concrete or masonry. The piece of specialized equipment employed for this task is a mounted core drill outfitted with a hollow, cylindrical drill bit. This bit uses diamond or carbide cutting teeth to bore into aggregate materials. When reversed, it pulls these materials out for easy extraction. Typical uses for core drilling include such things as demolitions prep, installation of utility lines and drainage lines, and installation of handrails, barriers and immovable benches.
The experts at Accu-Cut can accurately drill holes into concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry in super-wide diameters up to 30 inches and narrow diameters down to just ½ inch. In addition to cutting to any required depth, we can cut to virtually any specified angle. We help ensure that your project meets all building codes and client specifications.

Concrete Concrete Demolition Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Demolition

If you’re planning to remove, repair or replace an existing concrete structure, you must have safe, efficient demolition procedures in place. To an untrained eye, such procedures may not seem very detailed or complicated. However, when dealing with concrete, all demolition work comes with an inherent risk for problems and accidents, no matter the scale of the job. We support your demo needs with a comprehensive approach that begins with proper planning and risk assessment, and ends with the trouble-free reduction of your targeted horizontal, vertical or angled surface. Our strict, licensed procedures are designed to meet all insurance requirements.

Concrete Concrete Grinding Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Grinding

For a number of reasons, a concrete surface may develop uneven areas that pose a real danger to pedestrian safety in the form of tripping hazards. The accepted method of addressing mild to moderate unevenness is concrete grinding, a process that shaves away unwanted high spots. In order to create a truly level surface, you must have the right equipment, as well as an experienced operator for that equipment. The experts at Accu-Cut can precisely grind up to a quarter inch of material from uneven concrete surfaces. We can also accurately judge when you’ll need help beyond the scope of grinding to correct the targeted issue.

Concrete Breaking and Removing Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Breaking and Removing

A breaking and removal operation is frequently key to the successful, efficient demolition of structures made from concrete. The process may seem simple enough to leave in the hands of any available hand on your jobsite. However, in reality, it takes experience and a sharp eye to break and remove concrete while minimizing the chances of puncturing a gas line or making some other mistake that leads to extremely hazardous working conditions. Accu-Cut provides you with the expertise needed to complete this essential work while maintaining the highest standards for safety.

Concrete Backhoe and Tractor Services in bell-gardens, California

Backhoe Services

With their ability to do such essential things like dig trenches and haul dirt and other materials, backhoes and backhoe loaders are common sights on all kinds of jobsites. To perform at their peak, these popular pieces of equipment must be operated by trained personnel who truly understand their safe and efficient use. When your project calls for the use of a backhoe or backhoe loader, we’ll provide you with top-quality vehicles appropriately sized for the job, as well as the required number of professional operators.

Proudly Serving The City of Bell

Situated on the banks of the Los Angeles River on just 2.5 square miles of land, Bell, California ranks as one of the smallest cities in the entire country with a population of 25,000 or more.  Despite its diminutive size, Bell boasts a well-developed park and recreation network, with nine separate facilities. Landmarks and attractions located near the city in the L.A. area include Bell Gardens John Anson Ford Park, downtown Los Angeles, the University of Southern California and the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area.
Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking serves the City of Bell from our nearby home base at 417 W. 130th Street in Gardena. For 40-plus years, we’ve provided comprehensive concrete- and masonry-related assistance for area homeowners and businesses. Call today and we’ll show you why we’ve earned our reputation as the best in the business.