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Accu-Cut has been helping Bellflower businesses and residents with all their concrete needs since 1974. We have worked hard to establish ourselves as the area leaders in concrete cutting and other demolition services. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in every job we complete. If you are in Bellflower or a surrounding city in Los Angeles and have a need for concrete services, contact Accu-Cut today.

Our Services

At Accu-Cut, concrete cutting and demolition are our life’s work. We feel that this is incredibly important when it comes to choosing a company for your job. While there are general service providers who also work with concrete, for us, it is all we do. And considering how much is at risk with concrete cutting and demolition, it is vital that you choose the experts. With every job we take on in Bellflower and the surrounding cities, we offer the very best in service. Below are some of the jobs we can complete for you.

Concrete Cutting Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Cutting

Considering this service is part of our name, you can imagine that it is one of our more popular services. Concrete cutting is used for a variety of purposes in both new construction and renovation of older construction. It can be used to create openings in walls, ceilings, slabs, reinforced concrete, stone, and masonry. From new windows to new electrical outlets, we can offer the precision cutting you need in any residential, commercial, or industrial space.

Concrete Core Drilling Services in bell-gardens, California

Core Drilling

Core drilling allows us to make precise holes in concrete and masonry for construction and demolition purposes. We can drill small holes for internet lines, massive holes for sewer lines, and everything in between. Core drilling is vital to quality construction work, and we are happy to provide this service. Due to its delicate nature, it is vital that core drilling is completed by trained experts, such as those on the Accu-Cut team. Rely on the best company in Bellflower to get the best results.

Concrete Concrete Demolition Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Demolition

If you have ever watched a video of a controlled demolition, you can imagine all the things that could go wrong if such a job is not completed by trained professionals. If you choose Accu-Cut for your concrete demolition, you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong. Even if your demolition job is pretty small—say a small outbuilding—you should always err on the side of caution and choose a specialist. Accu-Cut is the leader in concrete demolition in Bellflower and Southern California at large. In addition to performing the job safely with the right crew and machinery, we also haul away all concrete waste from the job site when done. With us, your property will be ready for new construction in no time.

Concrete Concrete Wall Sawing Services in bell-gardens, California

Wall Sawing

With typical construction, getting behind walls or creating new openings for things like windows is pretty easy. You consider the structural support the wall offers and then make the cut. But with concrete, this is a much tougher job. Not only is concrete difficult to cut through, but vertical and sloped surfaces require special machinery. Accu-Cut has all of the machinery you need and the trained technicians to operate them safely. We can offer wall sawing of any size and in any pattern to ensure you have access to the service you require.

Concrete Concrete Grinding Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Grinding

Sometimes, concrete isn’t poured well, leading to trip hazards. In other cases, problems develop in the surface over time. Concrete grinding allows us to smooth down raised portions of concrete floors to ensure that the ground does not cause people to trip as they walk. As soon as you notice a problem with the surface of your concrete, it’s important that you call Accu-Cut. We will come out quickly to remove the danger and ensure no one gets hurt.

Concrete Backhoe and Tractor Services in bell-gardens, California

Backhoe Services

Backhoe services are required at most construction and demolition sites. Even if you are using another company for your concrete work, Accu-Cut is happy to provide you with the backhoe services you require. We can help disperse the dirt, gravel, and concrete you need for your construction or remove the debris from your demolition. We do this quickly and safely, disposing of the material at designated sites. If you need backhoe services, enlist the Accu-Cut fleet to get your job done.

Why Choose Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting & Breaking?

All forms on concrete work are tricky, and if performed incorrectly, dangerous to those at the job site and to the value of your property. As such, it is important that you only turn to trusted experts for your concrete cutting and demolition needs. Accu-Cut is the top choice in Bellflower for construction and demolition work, performing every job safely, accurately, and efficiently. Backed by decades of experience and incredible results, as well as state-of-the-art technology, we offer the precision you need.

Accu-Cut strives to inspire trust in you. We are fully licensed and insured, protecting you and your property. We adhere to the strictest industry standards, exceeding all local and federal requirements for the industry. We take safety and accuracy very seriously, always striving to offer our very best, no matter how big or how small the job. It is all a part of being the most capable and respected concrete services team in the area. If you are in Bellflower or the surrounding areas, there is no company more professional or more dedicated to achieving the best results for you.

Accu-Cut: For All Your Concrete Needs in Bellflower

No matter what you are in the market for, from concrete cutting to demolition, to all those little jobs in between, we are here to take care of the work for you. We can work with any property—residential, commercial, or industrial—getting the results you need. Give us a call at 310-879-5358, or fill out the simple form on our website to get a free quote for the work you need done. We will get back to you quickly and begin planning your project with you. For all concrete needs, allow us to put our expertise to work.