Concrete Cutting Services for the City of Calabasas

Every day, hundreds of homeowners and business owners in Calabasas begin projects that call for the modification, repair or removal of concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry. Some of these projects are quite small, while others are massive in scale. No matter the scale involved, all concrete cutting, repair, and removal jobs have one thing in common: a need for expert planning and performance in order to avoid injuries, delays and budget-busting expenses.

In the City of Calabasas and surrounding cities, knowledgeable residents and commercial property owners call on Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking for all their concrete and masonry-related needs. For more than four decades, we’ve served as Calabasas’ top source for specialized cutting and breaking equipment operated by highly experienced personnel. On jobs of every size, we provide you with the region’s best combination of expertise, cost effectiveness and safety-first operation.

Concrete Cutting Services in Calabasas, California

Concrete Cutting

In today’s world, you no longer have to rely on a hard-to-control jackhammer to cut into concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry. Instead, you can perform this task with a powerful, extremely accurate piece of equipment called a slab saw. This type of saw, which comes in both floor-mounted and handheld models, uses thin, diamond-tipped circular blades to maximize cutting efficiency and minimize risks for error. You can use the concrete cutting process for vital jobs such as utility installation, utility repair and removal of damaged sections of material.

Only a professional can safely and accurately operate a slab saw. At Accu-Cut, we rely exclusively on our in-house staff of expert cutters for jobs large and small. These highly trained operators always use the right type of slab saw for the task at hand, and work hard to keep your project running smoothly at all times.

Concrete Core Drilling Services in Calabasas, California

Core Drilling

During core drilling, a circular bit mounted on a high-powered drill bores into tough aggregate material and creates precise holes of various sizes. Common applications of this process include cutting pathways for plumbing lines and other utilities, creating drain holes, demolition preparation, and making attachment points for handrails, safety barriers and stationary benches. You may feel tempted to call upon non-specialized contractors to perform core drilling on your job site. However, the use of untrained personnel seriously increases the risks for inaccurately drilled holes that fail to meet construction specifications. Our expert staff eliminates these risks while drilling holes ranging in size from ½ inch to 30 inches in diameter. We can easily cut holes at all required angles, even when boring through the hardest materials.

Concrete Concrete Demolition Services in Calabasas, California

Concrete Demolition

Concrete demolition is used to tear down structures made from concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry. Jobs in this category include everything from tearing down single, small buildings to tearing down entire commercial developments or warehouses. Even when it only involves a small structure, demolition is a complicated procedure that requires expert planning and execution in order to avoid serious safety hazards. For this reason, only experts with adequate training, insurance and licensing can properly carry out this work on residential or commercial properties. At Accu-Cut, we leave all demolition work to our on-staff specialists, who combine decades of experience with insurance and licensing that meet all state- and federal-level standards.

Concrete Breaking and Removing Services in Calabasas, California

Concrete Breaking and Removing

Concrete breaking and removing are common follow-up procedures to concrete demolition. While this may seem like straightforward work, it actually introduces its own set of serious hazards, including gas line ruptures and potentially major accidental injuries. That’s why safe breaking and removal require the use of trained professionals who understand exactly how to carry out each phase of the process. From relatively small jobs at your home to major undertakings at a commercial or industrial site, we provide the planning skills and hands-on expertise needed to perform top-quality work while maintaining a safe environment.

Concrete Concrete Wall Sawing Services in Calabasas, California

Wall Sawing

Like a slab saw, a wall saw uses a circular, diamond-tipped blade to cut through concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry. However, instead of operating on horizontal surfaces, wall saws cut through vertical or sloped surfaces while riding on a set of aluminum tracks. Under the remote control of an operator, they make the highly accurate cuts needed to cut window and door openings, as well as overhead vent openings. A wall saw can also help modify or repair the precast concrete panels sometimes installed on commercial buildings.

Some project managers and construction contractors attempt to cut vertical or sloped surfaces with slab saws instead of wall saws. Even when using walls saws, some managers and contractors rely on untrained personnel instead of experienced operators. Both of these scenarios can lead to costly cutting mistakes and serious accidents. At Accu-Cut, we ensure the safety and quality of wall sawing by relying entirely on expert operators equipped with specialized wall saws.

Concrete Concrete Grinding Services in Calabasas, California

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding procedures increase the safety of concrete surfaces by eliminating high spots that can lead to tripping or other pedestrian safety hazards. The machines used for these procedures come in both handheld and floor-mounted versions. Although concrete grinding may seem like simple work, it actually requires considerable skill and experience to reliably create level surfaces and avoid introducing new problems for pedestrians. We can accurately grind as much as ¼ inch of material from a concrete surface. In addition, we can help you determine when your surfaces are too uneven to remedy with a grinding procedure.

Concrete Backhoe and Tractor Services in Calabasas, California

Backhoe Services

A backhoe is a kind of tractor named for the boom-and-shovel system (backhoe) mounted on its rear end. A related form of tractor, called a backhoe loader, pairs this system with a front-facing loader bucket. Backhoes are commonly used to excavate dirt in confined spaces and dig trenches. You can use the front-facing bucket on a backhoe loader for additional jobs such as removing and hauling dirt or other materials.

When controlled by well-trained personnel, backhoes and backhoe loaders can help you maintain worksite safety while keeping your project on track. However, when operated by non-specialized personnel, these pieces of equipment can be a source of accidents and avoidable work delays. At Accu-Cut, we maintain a wide selection of backhoes and backhoe loaders operated by experts who know how to keep your jobsite safe, even when facing a tight deadline.

Proudly Serving the City of Calabasas

Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains and surrounding foothills, Calabasas is one of Southern California’s most distinguished and affluent communities. The city’s roots extend back into the 1800s, and its main attractions include the Leonis Adobe, one of the L.A. area’s oldest existing structures. Calabasas also serves as home to several prominent corporations, including The Cheesecake Factory, Harbor Freight Tools and video game developer THQ.

Accu-Cut proudly serves the City of Calabasas from our conveniently located Los Angeles headquarters. Whether your needs call for residential, commercial or industrial services, you can rely on our decades of experience and the industry’s best selection of specialized equipment. Get your free estimate today.