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Premier Concrete Cutting Services for the City of Carson

In the City of Carson and surrounding cities, make Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking your one-stop resource for all concrete and masonry-related services. No one else in Los Angeles County beats our long decades of experience, affordable prices and commitment to efficient, technology-forward operation. Whether your project is personal or commercial, you’ll find the same enduring dedication to your needs and job site requirements.

Concrete Cutting Services in Calabasas, California

Concrete Cutting

For much of the 20th century, the jackhammer was the standard worksite tool for cutting through horizontal concrete surfaces. However, today, a much more efficient tool has emerged: the slab saw. Instead of relying on a loud, difficult-to-control reciprocating chisel, a slab saw relies on a circular blade outfitted with industrial-grade diamond teeth. This thin, easily controllable blade can make highly accurate cuts in thin or thick concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry. Floor-mounted slab saws achieve the best results in larger areas, while handheld saws provide the maneuverability needed to work in tight spaces. The many uses for these saws include removing damaged surfaces, cutting utility trenches and making utility repairs.

Slab saws only provide their true benefits when operated by trained, experienced professionals. At Accu-Cut, we match extensive expertise with well-maintained, top-of-the-line saws. This combination helps ensure maximum cutting accuracy in any indoor or outdoor setting.

Concrete Core Drilling Services in Calabasas, California

Core Drilling

At numerous points in the modern construction process, builders have a need to create precise circular openings in concrete or some other super-hard aggregate material. The standard tool for these situations is the mounted core drill, which provides the needed cutting power with a circular, open-mouthed bit. Specific uses for core drilling include utility line installation, drain creation, demolitions preparation and bench and handrail installation.

As a rule, only a trained core drill operator can effectively create openings at your desired angle, width and depth. Use of untrained or non-specialized personnel can easily result in lost worksite efficiency, project delays and other unwanted setbacks. We help you steer clear of these unnecessary pitfalls with expert operators who can drill holes of your chosen depth and angle, at any width from half an inch to a massive 30 inches.

Concrete Concrete Demolition Services in Carson of City, California

Concrete Demolition

Demolition is often an essential step in removing concrete and masonry installations or preparing an installation for a required repair. Project managers sometimes assign this job to a general contractor or subcontractor. However, in terms of both safety and efficiency, this is a mistake. Only an experienced demolition specialist can calculate all the relevant jobsite variables and tear down concrete and masonry while maximizing efficiency and minimizing danger. At Accu-Cut, our insured and licensed operators direct all phases of the demo process, from beginning to end. This hands-on approach helps large and small jobs go as smoothly as possible.

Concrete Breaking and Removing Services in Calabasas, California

Concrete Breaking and Removing

Along with concrete demolition, concrete breaking and removing are jobs that a project manager might mistakenly leave in the hands of a general contractor or untrained staff members. However, just like the demolition process, the follow-up breaking and removing process comes with serious potential risks (e.g., broken water mains and punctured gas lines). For this reason, you must seek assistance from trained professionals. Our team of specialists will quickly and safely clear debris from worksites of all sizes.

Concrete Concrete Wall Sawing Services in Calabasas, California

Wall Sawing

Wall saws are essentially specialized slab saws that sit firmly on lengths of aluminum track. Under the guidance of a professional operator, these saws provide a straightforward way to make highly accurate cuts in non-horizontal surfaces made from concrete or masonry. You’ll see them used to complete tasks such as window and door formation, repair work and concrete panel removal and modification.

General contractors sometimes attempt to use slab saws for jobs better left to specialized wall saws. In addition, they sometimes use untrained operators to make wall saw cuts. Both of these choices can lead to unnecessary complications, up to and including serious accidents and injuries. When you turn to Accu-Cut, you can count on verified wall-sawing expertise that takes full advantage of the very best in personnel and equipment.

Concrete Concrete Grinding Services in City of Carson, California

Concrete Grinding

Over time, even the most expertly installed concrete surface can develop significant misalignments. In addition, poorly installed surfaces may be seriously uneven from the very beginning. Concrete grinding is the accepted method for evening out high spots and restoring pedestrian safety. Whether performed with floor-mounted or handheld machines, this work requires a high degree of skill in order to avoid the unintentional creation of new tripping hazards. We can grind up to a full ¼ inch from any surface with complete accuracy. Our expertise can also help you avoid wasting money on grinding when other options will provide you with a more effective solution.

Concrete Backhoe and Tractor Services in Calabasas, California

Backhoe Services

Backhoes combine a basic tractor configuration with a shovel attachment mounted on a boom arm. A related piece of equipment, called a backhoe loader, also comes equipped with a front-end loader attachment. Backhoes and backhoe loaders are essential for the completion of worksite jobs such as trenching, excavation in confined spaces and the hauling of dirt and other excavated materials.

While they’re extremely useful, backhoes and backhoe loaders can potentially do more harm than good when operated without sufficient skill or training. Instead of depending on untrained operators who can increase the danger level on your jobsite, let the specialists at Accu-Cut supply you with the necessary equipment and expertise. In addition to backhoe loaders and backhoes, our available offerings include standard-sized tractors and highly maneuverable skid-steer loaders.

Proudly Serving Carson and Los Angeles County

The City of Carson is located in southern Los Angeles County just east of Long Beach. Founded in the late 1960s, it stands as the South Bay region’s youngest incorporated community. Carson is largely known for its role in Southern California sports and education. The city serves as home to the StubHub Center, permanent residence for soccer’s LA Galaxy and temporary residence for the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers. It also serves as the location for the University of California, Dominguez Hills. Companies doing business in Carson include Pacific Bell, See’s Candy Shops, the Pepsi Bottling Group and Xerox Education Services.

Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking is proud to serve Carson, as well all other communities in Los Angeles County. For more than 40 years, our Better Business Bureau-accredited services have helped the region’s residents and businesses meet all of their concrete- and masonry-related needs. Call us today to schedule your upcoming cutting, wall-sawing, core-drilling, grinding, demolition or breaking and removal project.