Premier Concrete Cutting Services for the City of Cerritos

In the City of Cerritos, businesses and homeowners have made Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking the number one name in concrete and masonry-related services. That’s because we offer Los Angeles County’s best possible combination of technical excellence, reasonable pricing and customer-forward thinking. Whether you project calls for a single specialist or an entire crew of experts, you’ll find us ready to assist you with decades of training and hands-on experience.

Concrete Cutting Services in Calabasas, California

Concrete Cutting

At one time, jackhammers served as the primary tools for cutting through horizontal surfaces made from concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry. However, in the 21st century, these noisy, inaccurate tools have largely been replaced by devices called slab saws. Slab saws use thin, diamond-tipped circular blades to drastically improve the accuracy of the cutting process and reduce the associated noise and mess. Depending on the amount of space available, cuts can be made with large floor-mounted models or with much smaller handheld models. The list of likely slab-saw projects includes utility trench formation, repair of previously buried utilities and slab repair.

At Accu-Cut, we maximize the accuracy of modern concrete cutting by combining the industry’s best equipment with an exceptional level of operator expertise. In indoor or outdoor settings, our floor-mounted saws make easy work of large jobs. Our handheld models are equally effective in tighter quarters.

Concrete Core Drilling Services in Calabasas, California

Core Drilling

Precisely placed circular openings are often a must on modern construction projects. To create these openings in concrete and masonry, the tool of choice is a mounted device called a core drill, which cuts through super-hard materials with a specialized, open-mouthed circular bit. Tasks that commonly rely on core drill use include utility line formation, preparations for handrail and bench installation, demolitions prep and drain installation.

It takes a high level of skill to guide a core drill to the desired depth, angle and width. A mistake in any of these cutting dimensions can leave you with an unusable opening that fails to meet your project specifications. We help you hit your specs every time with dead-accurate drilling to any required depth or angle, with openings ranging from ½ inch to 30 inches.

Concrete Demolition Services in Cerritos, California

Concrete Demolition

Demolition is the standard method of removing masonry and concrete structures of all sizes. In addition, it often serves as a necessary first step for concrete and masonry repair. Unfortunately, project managers sometimes fail to fully understand the ins and outs of the demolition process and leave this crucial job to untrained personnel. In turn, this failure can quickly lead to project slowdowns and an unsafe worksite. At Accu-Cut, we leave every phase of the demo process in the hands of our in-house experts. No matter the jobsite circumstances, we’ll help you retain your safety margin while maintaining your removal or repair schedule.

Concrete Breaking and Removing Services in Calabasas, California

Concrete Breaking and Removing

As with concrete demolition work, the potential risks of breaking and removal procedures often fail to register on the radar of construction and repair project managers. That’s why you’ll sometimes see these important jobs delegated to untrained employees instead of experienced professionals. The possible results of this decision include everything from a slower pace of work to the major hazards of punctured gas lines and broken water mains. We’ll steer you clear of these dangers with truly professional services that seamlessly combine safety and efficiency.

Concrete Concrete Wall Sawing Services in Calabasas, California

Wall Sawing

You can think of a wall saw as a specialized slab saw that rides along a portable aluminum track. When mounted on a vertical or angled surface made from concrete or masonry, this extremely accurate saw/track combination makes short work of the cutting process. Typical wall-sawing tasks include repair and removal jobs, concrete panel modifications and the cutting of various types of openings (e.g., doors, windows and overhead recesses).

There are two basic mistakes in wall sawing: attempting to complete a job without the right equipment and relying on untrained operators to make the required cuts. Either of these scenarios can leave you with unsatisfactory cuts and drastically increased risks for serious accidents. That’s why Accu-Cut always meets your needs with dedicated wall saws and experts who understand every aspect of their safe and effective use.

Concrete Grinding Services in Cerritos, California

Concrete Grinding

A poorly installed concrete surface can create a serious tripping hazard for pedestrians. In addition, even a well-installed surface can eventually undergo changes that escalate tripping risks. Concrete grinding is an effective method of levelling horizontal surfaces that have a variance of ¼ inch or less. However, it takes a specialist’s touch to do this work without making the situation worse. Our staff relies on floor-mounted and handheld grinding machines to create truly level surfaces. We’ll also inform you when you must choose another option to make the required repair.

Concrete Backhoe and Tractor Services in Calabasas, California

Backhoe Services

Backhoes are basically small tractors outfitted with rearward-facing shovel attachments on segmented boom arms. Along with backhoe loaders (equipped with additional front-end loader attachments), they provide many useful services on jobsites of all sizes. Specific tasks left to these ubiquitous pieces of equipment include excavation, trenching and material hauling and loading.

Like all major worksite equipment, backhoes and backhoe loaders are only really effective when operated intelligently and within their limits. Accu-Cut helps you keep your project rolling along with the region’s most skilled specialists. Our equipment inventory also includes skid-steer loaders for maximum maneuverability and full-size tractors for heavy hauling and loading duties.  

Proudly Serving Cerritos and Los Angeles County

Situated on the Orange County border in southeast Los Angeles County, Cerritos (“Little Hills”) is a thriving community of roughly 50,000. Along with its neighboring municipalities, it forms part of L.A. County’s Gateway Cities region. Cerritos was once known as Dairy Valley, a fact that reflects its past as a center for California’s dairy industry. Today, the city serves as a local hub for arts (e.g., the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts and the Cerritos Sculpture Garden) and recreation (e.g., Pat Nixon Park and the Cerritos Olympic Swim & Fitness Center). A short trip into Orange County provides access to several of Southern California’s most heavily visited amusement parks.

Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking proudly provides top-notch concrete and masonry-related services for residents and businesses in Cerritos and surrounding cities in L.A. County. With Better Business Bureau accreditation and more than 40 years of continuous operation, we truly represent the very best option for projects of all sizes. Whether you need cutting, grinding, core drilling, wall sawing or other services, contact us today to make your arrangements.