The Concrete Cutting Source for the City of Claremont

In the City of Claremont and nearby Los Angeles cities, the name to call on for residential and commercial concrete services is Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking. Every day, we combine more than 40 years of accumulated expertise with optimally maintained equipment and a dedication to customer service. Whether your project is small or massive, we’ll help you complete it safely while meeting all time- and budget-related requirements.

Concrete Cutting

Modern concrete-cutting technology was developed as an alternative to the jackhammer. While jackhammers provide little fine control and create serious problems with noise pollution, a now-standard tool called the slab saw is capable of making highly accurate cuts while operating at a much lower noise level. The cutting power of a slab saw comes from a circular blade equipped with teeth covered in high-density industrial diamonds. When mounted on a large, floor-mounted saw, this type of blade can make short work of cuts in large, horizontal slabs of concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry. Reasons for undertaking this kind of work include utility trench creation and the removal of previously damaged material. Smaller, handheld slab saws get the job done in restricted spaces.

At Accu-Cut, we’re time-tested experts in slab saw operations. Whatever the scale of your project, our top-quality saws and expert operators will provide you with a clear advantage in safety, accuracy and efficiency. We can adapt our work for any indoor or outdoor location.

Core Drilling

Precisely drilled holes are a must for a high percentage of construction projects featuring the use of concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry. Reasons for creating these holes include preparation for utility installations, preparation for the installation of benches and handrails, and formation of the openings required for demolitions work. In all of these circumstances, the essential worksite tool is the mounted core drill. Capable of performing at a vast range of heights and angles, this type of drill bores through super-hard material with an extremely tough circular bit that maintains exact cutting dimensions at all times.

No general contractor or untrained construction crew member has the skill required to ensure cutting accuracy with a core drill. In stark contrast, Accu-Cut’s staff of trained core drill specialists can create dead-accurate holes ranging in diameter anywhere from a mere half an inch to two and a half feet. The level of performance we provide will save you from needless hassles such as improperly cut holes and failed project inspections.

Concrete Demolition

Concrete structures are dense and often massive in size. This means that any attempt to demolish such a structure will require serious effort. Because this type of work seems unskilled, you may decide to leave it in the hands of untrained members of your crew. However, this is a major mistake, since concrete demolition is actually a challenging task that calls for training and extreme care. At Accu-Cut, we treat your demo job with the seriousness it deserves. Everyone we dispatch to your job site has the expertise needed to carry out this work safely and efficiently. In addition to extensive practical experience, our ironclad standards include proper insurance and licensing for all personnel.

Concrete Breaking and Removing

You can think of concrete breaking as a smaller-scale version of concrete demolition, although breaking work actually follows up demo work in many cases. In either situation, removal is the last step of clearing concrete debris from your worksite. Just like demolition, the breaking and removal process puts a premium on safety and skill. Left in the hands of untrained workers, it can easily lead to accident-related injuries and ruptures of nearby water, gas or sewer lines. Our dedicated, professional services allow you to clear your jobsite without introducing this kind of avoidable risk to the equation.

Wall Sawing

While slab saws cut on a horizontal plane, specialized wall saws are designed to cut on an angled or vertical plane. To achieve this task, they’re controlled by human operators and guided carefully along a set of mounted tracks. When performed with the proper skill, a wall-sawing operation will allow you to efficiently complete tasks such as the formation of door and window openings, the repair or removal of concrete panels and creation of any needed above-ground cuts in concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry.

Some general contractors and project managers make the mistake of treating wall sawing as just a different take on slab sawing. This type of assumption can lead to the use of improper equipment and the employment of untrained operators. Frankly, this is a formula for disaster. At Accu-Cut, we carry out all work with properly mounted wall saws under the control of our experienced and thoroughly trained staff members. With us on the job, you’ll never have to worry about the accuracy of the cuts we perform or the safety of your project environment.

Concrete Grinding

Uneven concrete surfaces can pose a serious safety hazard if left uncorrected. In the hands of a skilled professional, a floor-mounted or handheld concrete grinder can remove high spots with a high degree of accuracy. Our expert grinder operators can shave up to the maximum possible amount of material (1/4 inch) from uneven parking lots and other concrete surfaces. We’ll also alert you to the presence of surfaces too flawed to benefit from this leveling approach.

Backhoe Services

Backhoes and backhoe loaders are extremely versatile pieces of machinery that can significantly ease the workload on many types of construction sites. However, their safe use absolutely depends on the employment of skilled operators who understand best worksite practices. At Accu-Cut, our fleet of backhoes and backhoe loaders are under the exclusive control of our staff of well-trained experts. We help you maximize the efficiency of these valuable tools while keeping danger at bay.

Proudly Serving Claremont

Situated in the San Gabriel Valley, Claremont is sometimes referred to as the “City of Trees and PhDs.” That’s true, in part, because the Los Angeles County community of 36,000-plus plays host to institutions of higher learning that include the seven Claremont Colleges. In addition, community residents have actively preserved and increased the local tree population for more than 100 years. For these and other reasons, Claremont frequently ranks high on “best places to live” lists for both California and the nation as a whole. Popular attractions in the area include the Angeles National Forest – San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, Frank G. Bonelli Park and Raging Waters Los Angeles amusement park.

Family-owned and -operated Accu-Cut serves the City of Claremont from our Los Angeles headquarters. Since 1974, we’ve combined top-notch concrete-related services with the industry’s highest standards for safety and professionalism. Call today to learn more and schedule your residential or commercial services.