Commerce’s Concrete Cutting Source

In the City of Commerce and throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area, the leader in concrete and masonry services is Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking. We are a proud, family-owned business that has been in operation for two generations, providing residents and businesses with everything they need for safe concrete cutting, breaking, drilling, grinding, and more. From grinding down a small bump in the floor to demolishing a large concrete structure, Accu-Cut can handle it all. We deliver high-quality work at affordable prices, focusing on accuracy and safety. If you need concrete work completed in Commerce, just give us a call and we will come to the site and provide you with an estimate.

Concrete Cutting

commerce concrete cutting los angelesIn years past, the only way to cut concrete was with a jackhammer. While jackhammers certainly can cut through concrete, they do not deliver precise results. A modern alternative to this is to use a horizontal concrete saw. These saws use a diamond-edged blade that is able to deliver precise cuts in concrete, as well as other hard surfaces, such as stone and reinforced concrete.

When performing large cuts, we use floor-mounted flat saws, ensuring there is no error in the cuts made. For smaller jobs with less likelihood of error, we use hand-held saws. We can complete concrete cutting for utility lines, removing damaged concrete, and more.

If you require concrete cutting services, it is important that you do not try it yourself or use a general contractor. Cutting into concrete is very dangerous and there are many things that can go wrong. Our trained operators know what to look for and what to avoid to complete the job safely, without injury to others or damage to your property.

Wall Sawing

commerce concrete wall sawing los angelesCutting horizontal surfaces is tricky enough, but when it comes to cutting walls and angled surfaces, things get even more complex. For wall sawing, you need a saw designed specifically for the job, called—intuitively enough—a wall saw. These saws function similar to flat saws with one big exception: they run on tracks rather than being operated by hand. They are guided by remote control and also deliver accurate results. We tend to use these saws to create things like window and door openings or to access utilities that are embedded in the wall. However, we can use this type of cutting for jobs as large as removing entire concrete panels that have been damaged.

More so than with horizontal surfaces, you need a trained operator and specialty equipment to get this job done right. With wall sawing, there is the potential for devastating structural damage that can compromise the stability of the building. Never hire out a wall sawing job to inexperienced or unequipped contractors, even if they have a flat saw that can be used on horizontal surfaces.

Core Drilling

commerce concrete core drilling los angelesWhile the above services focus on straight and angled cuts, they are unable to create accurate holes in concrete and masonry. For this, we use a core drill, which can create holes of varying diameter and depth that are straight or angled. The drill uses a hollow drill bit with diamond-tipped teeth. As the drill bit is pulled away from the hole, it grips the cut material so it can be removed.

Core drilling is used to create space for utility lines, drainage lines, and even to anchor items to the floor or wall, such as outdoor play equipment. We can also use core drilling to prepare a building for demolition. For our core drilling services, we only rely on the very best equipment so we can create precise holes in concrete and masonry.

Concrete Demolition

commerce concrete demolition los angelesConcrete demolition is one of those jobs that is deceptively simple; you break apart the concrete or masonry and then haul it away. Except if you take the wrong approach, you can damage surrounding structures, vehicles, power lines, plumbing, and even gas lines. It is a situation that can get very dangerous very quickly. As such, even small demolition jobs should be left to the experts. No matter the size and scope of your demolition project, the Accu-Cut team can handle it. In addition to having the training and tools needed, we are licensed and insured for demolition work.

Concrete Grinding

commerce concrete grinding los angelesConcrete grinding is a technique used when a concrete surface is uneven in relatively small spots and this unevenness poses a danger to those walking on the surface. We use specialty equipment to grind down high spots in parking lots, shopping plazas, sidewalks, and more. We are able to remove as much as ¼ of an inch to remove tripping hazards. If your tripping hazard is larger than this, we can suggest other ways to tackle the problem and make the area safe.

Concrete Breaking and Removing

commerce concrete breaking and removing los angelesConcrete breaking and removal is often used as a way to avoid other forms of demolition or as an aid to compensate for spots where demolition didn’t quite take care of everything it needed to. Much like other forms of concrete demolition, this seemingly easy job is complicated by hidden risks, especially utility lines. As such, you need to rely on a professional service with trained technicians to get the job done well and safely. We can complete concrete breaking and removal on jobs big and small.

Backhoe Services

commerce concrete backhoe services los angelesBackhoes and backhoe loaders are often needed in conjunction with various forms of concrete work. As such, we have a full fleet of these vehicles that we can use when we complete concrete cutting and breaking for you or that you can hire for whatever job you need them for. The price of rental includes the services of one of our trained operators, so you can rest assured that your job will be done well. At Accu-Cut, our expert staff is standing by to provide top-quality backhoe services with our fleet of well-maintained vehicles.

Proudly Serving Commerce

Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking is a family-owned company that has been serving Commerce and other nearby cities for more than 40 years. With excellent ratings, Better Business Bureau accreditation, and quality work behind us, we have established ourselves as the premiere concrete service for Los Angeles. No matter the size or scope of your job, we will complete it quickly, safely, and within your budget. Call us today to arrange service.