Premier Concrete Cutting Services for the City of Compton

In the City of Compton, entrust all of your concrete and masonry-related tasks to the proven experts at Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking. Since the 1970s, we’ve served homeowners and construction professionals throughout the Los Angeles area. Whether you need help with a small home project or a massive commercial undertaking, you can count on our experience, professionalism and time-tested dedication to safety and affordability.

Concrete Cutting

Compton concrete cutting los angelesDurable and highly stable, concrete has been prized as a building material for centuries. However, this durability and stability come with one potential drawback; namely, the difficulty of cutting into concrete during construction and modification. Project managers once called on jackhammers for this job. In the 21st century, there is another preferred option: the slab saw. Slab saws rely on thin, diamond-toothed circular blades to make accurate, relatively mess-free cuts in a vast array of horizontal concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry surfaces. Large, open surfaces typically call for the use of a full-sized, floor-mounted version of this workhorse tool. Smaller, hand-held models provide needed mobility in close quarters.

When operated properly, a well-maintained slab saw can make short work of a broad range of construction and modification jobs, including the cutting of utility trenches and the removal of unwanted or damaged material. Accu-Cut specializes in these types of projects. No matter the size of your work site, we match our highly skilled, safety-conscious operators with the right slab saws for maximum cutting efficiency. Whether working outdoors or indoors, we help keep your schedule moving forward at top speed.

Wall Sawing

Compton concrete wall sawing los angelesWall saws are close cousins of slab saws. However, while slab saws provide you with cutting power for horizontally mounted concrete and masonry surfaces, wall saws are specifically intended for angled and completely vertical cuts. During operation, they ride on metal tracks that allow them to reach raised locations and keep them precisely aligned for accurate work. This setup makes it possible to safely achieve such objectives as creating openings for doors and windows.

Instead of relying on the trusted combination of purpose-built wall saws and expert operators, some construction and project managers try to make do with slab saws intended for horizontal cutting. The professionals at Accu-Cut make it easy to avoid this dangerous and imprecise practice. We’re true wall-cutting professionals, equipped with both years of experience and the best available specialized saws.

Core Drilling

Compton concrete core drilling los angelesWhen building new structures or modifying existing structures, construction managers frequently need to create circular openings in concrete/reinforced concrete or masonry. These openings serve a variety of purposes, including utilities installation, concrete or masonry demolition and the installation of benches and barriers. No matter the diameter or depth of the required hole, there is one go-to tool for this kind of work: the core drill. Core drills rely on circular, open-mouthed bits to cut through super-tough material on entry, and pull debris from the resulting opening when reversed. Specially designed support mounts secure them in place for dead-on accuracy.

Proper use of a core drill is key to creating openings that meet your project specifications and pass rigorous third-party inspections. The experts at Accu-Cut use industry-standard drills to create precise holes ranging in diameter from a ½ inch to two and a half feet. The quality of our cuts will help you meet even the most stringent sizing requirements.

Concrete Demolition

Compton concrete demolition los angelesWhen it comes to working with concrete, demolition can prove to be almost as challenging as construction. That’s true, in part, because of the sheer toughness of concrete. In addition, this type of work often calls for the manipulation of pieces or sections of material that weigh hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Only seasoned demo experts can safely handle all possible scenarios and reliably keep your worksite accident-free. Our licensed and insured staff provides this needed expertise, and can carry out demolition work on structures of any size and in any condition.

Concrete Grinding

Compton concrete grinding los angelesA concrete grinder is a specialized tool designed to reduce high spots in concrete and reinforced concrete surfaces. When used properly, it can turn a potentially hazardous surface into a safe, trip-free passageway for pedestrians and other passersby. However, only an experienced grinder operator possesses the skill needed to perform this job without introducing new imperfections. Our in-house experts can accurately grind up to a full quarter inch of material from a defective concrete surface. Our assessments will also alert you to the presence of surfaces that are too uneven for effective grinding.

Concrete Breaking and Removing

Compton concrete breaking and removing los angelesGeneral contractors and construction managers often underestimate the difficulties and dangers associated with breaking and removing concrete. However, if you plan to predictably avoid unwanted outcomes such as water or gas line punctures, this type of work calls places a premium on training and practical experience. With decades in the business, Accu-Cut provides the very best in concrete breaking and removal. On every job, we combine efficiency and an unwavering focus on safe operations.

Backhoe Services

Compton concrete backhoe services los angelesBackhoes and backhoe loaders are versatile jobsite tools that help you carry out important tasks such as trench digging, soil removal and soil hauling. However, to gain the benefits of these tools without creating an unnecessary element of risk, you must leave them in the hands of trained operators, not a random member of your construction crew. Accu-Cut pairs an extensive selection of backhoes and backhoe loaders with professional operators who fully understand the need to focus on safety and efficiency.

Proudly Serving Compton and Los Angeles County

One of Los Angeles County’s oldest municipalities, Compton was incorporated in the late 1880s. Today, its central location in the county’s southern region earns it the nickname “Hub City.” Compton sits just west of an unincorporated area known alternately as East Rancho Dominguez and East Compton. Local landmarks include the Heritage House (dating back to the 1860s), the Eagle Tree and Woodlawn Cemetery. A robust highway network provides Compton residents with easy access to cities throughout the region. The racially and ethnically diverse community has a longstanding reputation as the birthplace of numerous recording artists and sports stars.

Accu-Cut serves the residents and businesses of Compton from our nearby home at 417 W. 130th Street in Los Angeles. From the day we opened for business back in 1974, we’ve focused on providing the region’s number one combination of speed, safety and affordable pricing. No matter the type of work you need done, we’ll make sure the end results meet both local building codes and your own demanding standards for reliability and excellence. For a free time and cost estimate, contact us today.