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Construction and renovation work often calls for the use of a specialized tool called a core drill, which drills holes at precise depths and angles in hardened materials such as concrete and masonry. Failure to cut the needed holes properly can lead to costly delays and missed deadlines. Despite this fact, some builders and property owners choose to leave the drilling process in the hands of personnel who lack suitable training or experience. However, in greater Los Angeles and Orange County, there’s no need to leave this critically important work in the hands of unskilled contractors or employees. Instead, you can rely on the time-tested skill of local, family-owned Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking.

What Is Core Drilling Accucut Concrete Cutting Los AngelesWHAT IS CORE DRILLING?

Core drilling is a process that uses a specialized drill bit with a hollow center to cut into concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, stone or other types of very hard construction aggregate. When reversed after sinking to the desired depth, this bit extracts a cylinder of material commonly known as a core. The resulting hole provides the access needed to accomplish a broad range of tasks during new construction projects and renovation projects. At the same time, it does not alter the structural integrity of the surrounding material. A related procedure, known as stitch drilling or line drilling, uses a series of overlapping drill holes to loosen up large segments of concrete or other material that can’t be easily removed by other means.

Core drills are powered by electricity, or by a hydraulic or pneumatic system. The bits attached to these drills come in a wide variety of diameters, ranging from as small as half an inch all the way up to 60 inches. As a rule, manufacturers make bits designed to drive into concrete with cutting surfaces made from industrial diamonds. The cutting surfaces on masonry bits are typically made from a material called carbide. A water-cooling system keeps the bits from overheating, and also help prevent the spread of potentially harmful silica dust, which forms when you cut masonry or concrete.

At the start of a core drilling procedure, a stabilizing post is attached to the cutting surface. This post provides support for the drill, and also helps ensure precision by acting as a guide. Next, the drill is mounted to the stabilizing post and the operator equips the drill with the appropriate bit for the job at hand. The operator can adjust the angle of the post and drill to make straight-on cuts or cuts at any other desired angle. You can use a core drill on walls, as well as on sloped surfaces and ceilings, floors or other horizontal surfaces. With suitable attachments, a drill can make a hole of essentially any required depth.

Accucut When To Use A Core Drill Los Angeles


Core drilling is commonly used on construction sites to make the openings required to install plumbing lines, HVAC ducting systems and power lines, as well as phone lines, fiber optic networks, Internet lines and other communications networks. You can also use the process to cut floor and sewer drains, or to make any openings required for the installation of light fixtures or recessed lighting systems. Construction project managers frequently rely on core drilling to make the holes needed to do such things as anchor handrails in concrete or other super-hard material, secure indoor or outdoor tables and benches, and install protective barriers in front of buildings. On building and excavation sites, the process is often used to make the holes needed to place demolition charges at the appropriate depth. Companies that specialize in road construction may utilize core drilling to make holes required for drainage or tying in sections of rebar.

The Reason For Accucut Core Drilling Experts Los Angeles


Core drilling can seem like a relatively straightforward process, especially in comparison to wall sawing, slab sawing and other methods of cutting into concrete or masonry. For this reason, some builders and construction managers call on the services of a general contractor to cut holes for them, rather than calling on an expert who specializes in this field of work. However, while core drilling appears to be a do-it-yourself procedure at first glance, you must actually pay close attention to a whole range of nuances in order to make the required cuts accurately and safely.

For example, failure to properly mount the stabilizing post for a core drill can lead to equipment damage or holes cut at incorrect angles. Failure to use the proper bit can lead to bit destruction and the creation of holes that are too big or too small. You can also damage or destroy a core drill bit if you fail to keep it cooled properly during use. Crucially, improperly drilled holes on a commercial or industrial project can potentially make it difficult or impossible to gain the official certifications needed to complete the construction process.

Core Drilling from Professional Concrete Contractors in Los AngelesOUR SERVICES

At Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking, we have decades of experience providing core drilling services for building and renovation projects throughout Southern California. Our elite staff of drillers has the training and practical experience required to safely and accurately create holes ranging in size from ½ an inch in diameter all the way up to a full 30 inches. We can drill at any angle in virtually all types of aggregate material, including concrete, reinforced concrete, stone and masonry. In addition to creating holes for wall penetrations, we can create the precisely sized holes needed for such things as crash posts (also known as safety bollards), water and plumbing lines, electrical and data lines, gas conduits, handrails and footing hold downs. No matter the type of work you need done, we make sure that the end result meets your project specifications and helps you obtain all needed certifications.


Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking has served businesses and communities throughout the region since 1974. As our many satisfied customers know, our timeliness, attention to detail, accommodation of emergency situations, and competitive pricing make us a true standout for top-quality core drilling services. Call us today at our home base in Gardena for a free estimate on your upcoming small job or major project. We’ll be happy to show the benefits of the Accu-Cut advantage.


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