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Here in Covina and throughout the Los Angeles area, Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking has long been the industry leader. For over two generations, the company has assisted area residents and businesses in the safe execution of their concrete projects. We tackle projects of all sizes, from a few simple cuts to full-scale demolition. When you need the best in efficiency, accuracy and affordability, we’re just a call away.

Concrete Cutting

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Concrete cutting refers to cuts that are made into horizontal concrete surfaces. While in the past, this was done with a noisy and not-so-predictable jackhammer, we now use a slab slaw, also known as a flat saw. This type of saw has a thin blade that turns at a very fast rate, using diamond-edged teeth to create precision cuts in all types of concrete and masonry. In open spaces, we use large, floor-mounted saws. In tight spaces, we use a handsaw that can better be maneuvered in limited space. Common reasons for concrete cutting include creation of utility trenches, the need to reach existing utilities for repairs or replacements, and removal of damaged concrete/masonry.

When it comes to concrete cutting, and really all concrete work, you should only trust the job to a trained and licensed professional. Here at Accu-Cut, we only employ experienced flat saw operators who also complete our in-house training program. When you combine their experience with our top-quality equipment, you get amazing results on every job.

Wall Sawing

Covina concrete wall sawing los angeles

When working with horizontal surfaces, flat saws do the job well. However, angled and vertical surfaces are not suited to flat saw work. For these, wall saws are used. Their technology is similar to that in flat saws, but they used special tracks to guide them and are operated remotely. These saws can create things like window and door openings, spaces for light fixtures, and the repair or removal of damaged concrete.

It is important that you hire the right contractor for the job. Many contractors try to save money by using flat saws for jobs that wall saws are needed for. While these saws will ultimately create cuts, they will not be as precise and can result in structural damage. Rather than take the risk, allow Accu-Cut technicians to complete the work for you, using their rigorous training and the proper equipment.

Core Drilling

Covina concrete core drilling los angeles

Core drilling uses a tool aptly named a core drill. It is designed to drill with precision into concrete, create holes that are straight or angled, depending on the job. It uses a cylindrical, hollow drill bit with diamond-tipped teeth, allowing it to cut through concrete and masonry with ease. We can control the depth to suit the needs of your project and can help you determine what depth is needed if you are unsure. Core drilling can be used for many applications, including making room for utility lines, drainage lines, and for anchoring furniture or playground equipment. We can also use core drilling to prepare structures for demolition. Our drill bits come in diameters as small as a half an inch and as large as 30 inches.

Concrete Demolition

Covina concrete demolition los angeles

Concrete demolition is used when a structure must be removed, either because it is no longer structurally sound or because you wish to use the space for another purpose. In theory, this is a simple job. However, there are so many variables at play that it is actually a very risky task to undertake. Even small demolition jobs carry many risks, such as broken gas lines and water pipes. To stay safe, trust your concrete demolition work to the experts at Accu-Cut. No matter the size or scope of your demolition project, we can tackle it for you. From pre-planning and risk assessment to cleanup, we take on all the work for you.

Concrete Grinding

Covina concrete grinding los angeles

Concrete grinding is a technique that is used to make surfaces more even. In most cases, it is done on horizontal surfaces to remove tripping hazards. Some of the most common places for concrete grinding are parking lots, sidewalks, floors, and doorways. Once again, this is a job that sounds simple, but is actually quite difficult to do. Grinding down hardened aggregate material runs a high risk of making things worse rather than better, which means you need the right equipment and trained operators. Here at Accu-Cut, we can grind down as much as 1/4th of an inch from any concrete surface. In cases where the problem is greater than 1/4th of an inch, we can talk to you about other approaches to restore the safety of your concrete surface.

Concrete Breaking and Removing

Covina concrete breaking and removing los angeles

As we have noted, concrete work is risky, even when on the surface it seems simple. With concrete breaking and removing, people tend to naturally assume this is a job they or a general contractor can tackle. After all, all you are doing is breaking up concrete into smaller chunks and then removing it from the area.

However, it is risky. First, the tools needed can hurt you when not used correctly. Then there is the issue of flying debris during the breaking process. But most dangerous of all are the hidden risks, such as gas, electrical, and water lines. Breaking these can be life-threatening, and even in the best-case scenario will cost you a lot of money to repair. Whether your job is large or small turn to the trained professionals at Accu-Cut to ensure the safety of all involved.

Backhoe Services

Covina concrete backhoe services los angelesBackhoes and backhoe loaders are vital to concrete construction projects. They can complete large-scale excavation, dig trenches, and help to remove debris from job sites. Because these vehicles are large, and often need to be operated in tight spaces, you need operators who are experienced in their use. At Accu-Cut, our operators are all trained in the elements of backhoe operation, including risk awareness and assessment. We offer quality, well-maintained vehicles, ensuring the job is done right.

Proudly Serving Covina

Family-owned and operated, Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking brings Covina the very best in concrete services. Headquartered in Gardena, we are always nearby and place great value on bettering the community. We have Better Business Bureau accreditation and are backed by four decades of experience. For concrete jobs of any size or scope, allow us to be the company you work with. Call today to arrange service.