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For those in Cudahy and the Greater Los Angeles Area, concrete jobs are to be trusted to Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking. For more than two generations, we have been the established industry leader in the area, maintaining higher-than-industry standards and using the most technologically advanced equipment. Known for our safe execution and incredible results, both businesses and residents turn to us for concrete work of all types. For the most efficient, accurate, and affordable service, call Accu-Cut.

Concrete Cutting

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Concrete cutting is such an important part of our business, it is right there in our name. While there are various types of cuts that can be made into concrete, when we talk about basic concrete cutting, we are referring to cuts made into horizontal surfaces. In the past, this was a job done with jackhammers. Although jackhammers do make cuts into concrete, they tend to be messy and imprecise. To ensure greater precision, we use a slab slaw, also called a flat slaw.

Slab saws use a thin blade that spins at a rapid pace, cutting into concrete with diamond-edged teeth. When concrete cutting in open spaces, we use flat saws that are large and run on tracks. When working in tighter spaces, we use handsaw versions. Concrete cutting can be used for many purposes, including making room for utility lines, reaching utilities that have already been sealed in the concrete, and the removal of damaged masonry.

With all concrete work, including concrete cutting, it is vital that you rely on the expertise and equipment of trained and licensed professionals. Accu-Cut hires experienced flat saw operators and also trains them further in-house to ensure that their work meets our high standards. Because of this, you get incredible results when you work with us.

Wall Sawing

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When you are cutting horizontal concrete surfaces, slab saws are the tool of choice. But when you need to cut on vertical or angled surfaces, or ceilings, slab saws are not nearly as effective. When it comes to these jobs, we use wall saws. The technology behind wall saws is quite similar to that behind flat saws. However, wall saws use special tracks that guide them in their cuts and the saws are operated via remote control. We can use these saws for many different jobs, including creating openings for windows and doors, making space for light fixtures, and the removal of damaged concrete and masonry.

It is important that when you hire someone for wall sawing, you ensure they actually use wall saws, not flat saws. Many contractors will use flat saws for wall sawing because it is more affordable for them to do so. However, the results are not nearly as professional. If you want the job done right, and we know you do, turn to Accu-Cut.

Core Drilling

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Core drilling jobs are completed using the aptly named core drill. This type of drill is used to create holes in concrete, both straight and angled, that are incredibly precise. It accomplishes this with the use of a special type of drill bit that is cylindrical and hollow and equipped with diamond teeth.

We are able to create holes to the specifications of the project, controlling for angle, depth, and diameter. Our core drilling service can be used in many applications, including installing utility lines and drainage lines as well as anchoring furniture and playground equipment. We also offer core drilling for preparing structures for demolition. With drill bits as small as a half an inch in diameter and as large as 30 inches in diameter, we can tackle any core drilling project you might have.

Concrete Demolition

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In theory, knocking down a structure should be much simpler than assembling one. In reality, it is just as complicated, if not more so. There are many variables at play, and that means there is a lot that can go wrong. Even with small demolition jobs, there are risks involved, from uncontrolled explosions to broken gas lines. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, the best course of action is to turn to the experts at Accu-Cut. We have decades of experience with concrete demolition of every size and scope. When you work with us, we handle everything from preplanning and risk assessment to hauling away the debris.

Concrete Grinding

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Concrete grinding is a technique used to grind down small patches of concrete so that they are made even with the rest of the concrete surface. This is generally done on horizontal surfaces in order to remove tripping hazards. Common places for concrete grinding are parking lots, sidewalks, floors, and doorways. If you have uneven concrete, it is vital that you fix it for both your own safety and eliminating the liability it incurs. Accu-Cuts trained and experienced operators can grind down as much as 1/4th of an inch from your concrete, and should the raised area exceed that measurement, they can help you find other solutions to your problem.

Concrete Breaking and Removing

Concrete work is always tricky, even when it seems simple at the outset. This is especially true with concrete breaking and removal. Because the name makes it sound easy—you are simply breaking the concrete then hauling it away—it sounds like you could do it yourself.

However, this would be a major mistake. The tools needed can cause injuries, both those that are life-threatening and those that can leave you in pain long term. Flying debris are also a risk. But the less obvious risks are the biggest ones to consider. For example, when breaking a concrete slab, you may also inadvertently break gas, water, and sewer lines—none of which will make your experience a pleasant one. Rather than taking chances, allow Accu-Cut to handle the breaking and removal.

Backhoe Services

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Concrete projects require many different tools, some of which are very small, and some of which are very large. Our backhoes and backhoe loaders are the largest equipment in our fleet. We use them to complete large-scale excavation, trench digging, and debris removal. Because these are large, specialized vehicles, we only use specially trained operators. In addition to training our technicians on operation, we also cover topics such as risk awareness and assessment. With us, the job is always done right.

Proudly Serving Cudahy

As a family-owned and operated business, Accu-Cut Concrete and Cutting takes every job personally, always striving for incredible results. Headquartered in Gardena, we are never far away and are always invested in improving the community. For quality you can trust in, turn to Accu-Cut for your concrete work. Call today to arrange your services.