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The Concrete Cutting Source of Culver City

In Culver City and surrounding Los Angeles cities, family-owned Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking is your source for affordable, high-quality concrete-related services. For more than 40 years, we’ve offered the very best in expertise, equipment, customer service and technical ability. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or property manager, we’ll help you accomplish projects large and small with peak efficiency and worksite safety.

Concrete Cutting

Not too far in the past, the only way to cut through a horizontal concrete surface was with an inaccurate, hard-to-control (and incredibly loud) jackhammer. Now you have another option: a modern slab saw. This type of saw slices through concrete, masonry or reinforced concrete with a diamond-tipped circular blade capable of making very precise cuts in thick or thin material. Large surfaces can accommodate a floor-mounted saw, while tighter spaces often call for the use of a hand-held slab saw. Cutting operations are used to do such things as remove areas of damaged masonry or concrete, make the trenches required to install various utilities and reach utilities previously buried beneath concrete or masonry.

Expertise is a must for safe, accurate slab saw use. At Accu-Cut, we call upon the services our highly trained technicians to do the job right and keep your worksite safe. Indoors or outdoors, our blend of skill and speed helps you avoid costly, deadline-killing project delays.

Concrete Core Drilling Services in Culver City, California

Core Drilling

Core drilling is a procedure used to drill precisely placed holes in masonry, concrete or reinforced concrete. It relies on the use of a securely mounted drill equipped with a highly durable, open-mouthed circular bit. Construction, renovation and retrofitting projects that call for the services of a core drill include cutting draining and lighting system openings, installing plumbing lines and other utilities, making preparations for demolitions operations and creating the anchor points for handrails and benches. While you can rely on a general contractor to provide drilling services, only a specially trained technician can operate a core drill with reliable accuracy and efficiency.

Accu-Cut supplies the equipment and expertise needed to drill accurately in all circumstances. The smallest holes we drill are just half an inch wide, while the largest reach a full 30 inches. No matter the size of the holes you need, we’ll help you avoid the needless, potentially project-wrecking hassle of poor placement and improper cutting angles.

Concrete Demolition Services in Culver City, California

Concrete Demolition

Demolition is frequently the only way to prepare for the removal of an existing surface or structure made from concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry. You may think that a general contractor or other personnel without specific training can safely handle such a basic operation. However, a demolition job of any size poses serious and unacceptable risks when not left in the hands of a properly trained, licensed and insured specialist. When you call on Accu-Cut, we’ll supply the expert preparation and direct oversight needed to demolish anything from a small structure or surface to the largest masonry or concrete buildings and complexes. We carry all licenses and insurance required to work in this field.

Concrete Breaking and Removing Services in bell-gardens, California

Concrete Breaking and Removing

Like concrete demolition, concrete breaking and removal might seem to be suitable work for general contractors or untrained individuals on your in-house staff. However, reliance on non-specialists for this service exposes you to all kinds of dangerous and/or expensive scenarios, including gas line punctures and water main leaks. That’s why you must turn to a seasoned expert for your industrial, commercial or residential breaking and removing project. We meet your needs with comprehensive services that include all phases of planning and actual work performance.

Concrete Concrete Wall Sawing Services in Culver City, California

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is performed with a saw that bears a strong technological resemblance to a slab saw. However, instead of cutting through horizontal concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry surfaces, a wall slaw rides on a set of aluminum tracks while making extremely precise cuts on vertical or angled surfaces. A remote operator controls the saw from the ground. Common uses for a wall sawing operation include cutting openings for doors and windows, making overhead indoor cuts and removing, repairing or modifying precast concrete panels.

Theoretically, a general contractor can make vertical or angled cuts with a slab saw. However, in reality, use of a slab saw for this purpose is risky at best and potentially catastrophic at worst. Instead, you must call on the help of a trained wall saw operator equipped with the right type of specialized equipment. When you call Accu-Cut, you can count on a deep well of experience and operators equipped with the best wall saws available.

Concrete Grinding Services in Culver City, California

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is used to improve the safety of pedestrian travel by removing dangerous high spots from parking lots and other concrete surfaces. Large surfaces call for the use of floor-mounted grinding machine, while small surfaces can be covered with hand-held models. It takes a deceptive amount of skill to accurately level a concrete slab, and poorly done work can actually introduce new tripping hazards instead of removing existing ones. At Accu-Cut, we can remove up to ¼ in of uneven concrete with a very high degree of accuracy. We can also point out improperly poured or poorly maintained surfaces too far gone or to benefit from grinding.

Concrete Backhoe and Tractor Services in bell-gardens, California

Backhoe Services

Backhoes are tractors that come equipped with a rear-mounted boom-and-shovel system used to do such things as dig trenches and excavate soil in tight spaces. A closely related type of tractor, known as a backhoe loader, pairs this backhoe system with a front-mounted loader bucket. This bucket makes it possible to accomplish other tasks such as dirt/material removal and hauling.

In skilled hands, backhoes and backhoe loaders can greatly increase the pace of your project while leaving all required safety margins in place. However, in untrained hands, they can cause far more harm than good. At all times, we maintain a fleet of these vehicles ready to go on your job site. We also provide the expert operators needed to maximize your benefits while keeping mishaps and accidents out of the picture.

Proudly Serving Culver City

Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, the independent municipality of Culver City shares its neighbor’s deep roots in the television and movie industries. Over the years, the community of roughly 40,000 has hosted hundreds of film productions on its streets, and it currently provides a home for Sony Pictures and National Public Radio West. Better Business Bureau-accredited Accu-Cut serves Culver City from our Los Angeles headquarters at 417 W. 130th Street. Since 1974, we’ve provided the region’s one-stop shop for all concrete- and masonry-related cutting, demolition, breaking and removal, wall sawing and grinding projects. Call us today for a free estimate on your latest project.