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The Best Choice for Cutting Concrete in Diamond Bar

For cutting concrete in the Diamond Bar area, your best option is Accu-Cut. With over 40 years of experience, we have helped countless patrons in the Diamond Bar and the Los Angeles area to cut, break, trim, and otherwise shape the concrete features of their foundation and home. We make use of the very best equipment, technical know-how, and customer service to provide our customers with superior results on projects of every size and scope. We know you expect your concrete fixtures to last a very long time, so you can count on us to meet your exact specifications.

Concrete Cutting

As the name implies, cutting concrete is a staple of what we do here at Accu-Cut. There are many ways to cut concrete, and most are not very efficient. The most commonly used tool in recent years has been the jackhammer. Of course, this means that the broken concrete must be re-poured and reset. At Accu-Cut, we employ a slab saw, which is designed to make deep cuts into horizontal surfaces.

A slab saw, also called a flat saw, uses a circular blade which spins at a very high rpm. Its diamond-edged teeth create a deep, thin groove, enabling a construction team to then knock away the loose concrete to create a precisely measured hole or trench. For larger projects with more space, we use flat saws that run on tracks. Smaller spaces may require a hand-held tool. Once completed, trenches can be used for accessing utility lines, burying new ones, and accessing damaged masonry for its removal or replacement.

When approaching any project requiring the cutting of concrete, you must call on the expertise of a trained and licensed professional. Accu-Cut employs the very best flat saw operators, and trains them to be ready for any challenge. We hold our team to the highest standard, which translates to excellent results for you.

Wall Sawing

Where flat saws are ideal for cutting horizontal surfaces, wall saws are best for vertical ones. Although both saws make use of similar technology, wall saws employ special tracks which their operators position for a perfect cut. These saws are operated by remote control, and can be used in a variety of situations, including creating openings for doors and windows, making space for light fixtures, and removing damaged concrete and masonry.

Although there are other companies that know how to cut vertical concrete surfaces, many of them will use a flat saw in order to save money. However, if you choose such a vendor, you will not be as pleased with the results. Wall cuts need to be precisely measured in order to accommodate window housings and other features, and only a wall saw will give your the kind of precision required for their installation. The professionals at Accu-Cut have extensive training and experience using these saws, and you should call us if you want it done right.

Core Drilling

Accu-Cut provides many other services besides cutting. Core Drilling is a practice that involves drilling precise holes in concrete, at a variety of different diameters and depths, for a variety of different reasons. It requires a special hollow, cylindrical drill bit equipped with diamond teeth. Accu-Cut can create these holes in masonry at any angle, and our team is very precise.

Construction projects require holes to be drilled for a variety of reasons. Some buildings require the installation of utility lines or drainage lines. Others require holes for anchoring furniture or playground equipment. We even drill holes to position explosives when preparing a structure for demolition. We use drill bits with diameters ranging from half an inch to 30 inches and can handle any core drilling project you send our way.

Concrete Demolition

When you intend to knock down any structure, you face a variety of risks or concerns. Demolition can be even more risky than construction, and to receive the proper permit, you must prepare your operation precisely before throwing the switch. Many factors go into demolition, and Accu-Cut knows exactly how to account for all of them. Regardless of the size of your project, Accu-Cut will understand how to account for risks, and assist you with every step of the demolition process, including pre-planning, risk assessment, and debris removal. Count on our licensed team of experts to make sure that your operation goes down without a hitch.

Concrete Grinding

Concrete specialists use concrete grinding to plane down concrete surfaces to make them even with the area surrounding them. For example, if a tree gets under one tile of a sidewalk, it can raise that tile so that it is higher than the ones adjacent to it. Usually builders use concrete grinding to address horizontal surfaces such as sidewalks, parking lots, floors, and doorways. Uneven concrete can be tripping hazard, which is dangerous for those traversing it, and can represent a financial liability for you. Accu-Cut has trained professionals that are capable of grinding down ¼” from your concrete, and if you need to grind more than that to make your concrete even, we can offer other options.

Concrete Breaking and Removing

Concrete removal may seem simple to someone who’s never tried it. However, there are many factors to consider. The machinery required to break up concrete is heavy, and can be dangerous. An untrained user can easily rupture a utility line, causing serious damage and putting lives at risk.

It is always better to use a trained professional when breaking up concrete. At Accu-Cut, we coach our operators on the proper use of all manner of concrete breaking equipment. We do this for the safety of all those involved, but also to save money — improper demolition can be very expensive, particularly if one needs to repair features that should never have been damaged in the operation. When we demolish concrete, we do so with accuracy. And when we’re done, we remove all the debris.

Backhoe Services

Backhoes are the largest pieces of equipment in our fleet. These massive loaders are used for large-scale excavation, trench digging, and debris removal. Because they are so specialized, they require the delicate touch of a trained operator. At Accu-Cut, we employ the very best operators, and we provide special training for them that includes risk assessment to make sure that they can handle any situation with care and professionalism. At Accu-Cut, we make sure the job is done right, every time.

Proudly Serving Diamond Bar

For the good people of Diamond Bar, the professionals here at Accu-Cut go the extra mile to make sure that every job is done with the highest standard of professionalism. We take your job seriously, always aiming for the best possible results. For forty years, we have served Diamond Bar and the surrounding community. Call on us today for your concrete cutting project of any size or scope. You can always expect stellar customer service and the best possible results.