Downey’s Best Option for Concrete Cutting and Drilling

If you’ve ever tried to cut through concrete, you understand that it is a job meant for professionals. Concrete is meant to last a long time, and you need precision tools and skilled workers. At Accu-Cut, we have helped the people of Downey and surrounding Los Angeles cities for years with all manner of concrete cutting projects, whether commercial or residential. With our extensive experience and high standards for customer service, you can be assured that we will produce for you the very best results – no matter how challenging your project is. Call us with your concrete cutting project today, and find out why we are the preferred choice for concrete cutting in the southland.

Concrete Cutting

As our name would indicate, Accu-Cut excels at cutting concrete. Although there are many ways to cut concrete, one must show great care and precision to produce the best results. A jackhammer, for example, can get through concrete rather effectively, but it won’t be precise. When concrete is removed, to expose an area that is normally covered, it must be re-poured and reset. For this reason and others, it is critical to minimize the area which you will expose.

At Accu-Cut, we employ a slab saw, which is designed specifically for making deep cuts into horizontal surfaces. Also called a flat saw, a slab saw employs a circular blade with diamond-edged teeth. This blade spins at a very high rpm to cut a deep, narrow groove into any flat concrete surface. After this groove is cut, the construction team can then remove the concrete that covers the work area. A larger project will require a flat saw that runs on tracks. Smaller spaces require a smaller saw, usually done by hand. After trenches have been dug, construction teams can access utility lines for repairs, bury new lines, or uncover a damaged foundation.

Any project requiring concrete cutting requires the sure hand of a trained and licensed professional. Accu-Cut has its own dedicated team of expert flat saw operators, and we train them properly to prepare them for even the most challenging operations. Because we hold our workers to such a high standard, you can expect that you will see the very best results on your project.

Wall Sawing

Although slab saws are the best choice when cutting horizontal concrete surfaces, professional cutters use wall saws when breaching vertical ones. Although both saws employ similar technology, a wall saw will rely on special tracks to guide it, resulting in a perfect cut. Operated by remote control, wall saws can be used for a variety of different jobs, including cutting frames for door and window housings, making room for light fixtures, and removing damaged concrete and masonry.

Many companies know how to cut vertical concrete surfaces. However, to save money, they will often use a flat saw. Unfortunately, because flat saws are designed for horizontal cuts, the results when cutting walls will simply not be as precise. If you are seeking a vendor to complete a project requiring vertical cuts, choose Accu-cut if you want to be pleased with the results. Accu-cut will measure your cuts precisely, and enable you to install your window, door, fixture, or any other feature you require.

Core Drilling

Core Drilling is one of the many other services that Accu-Cut provides. This practice involves creating precise holes in concrete, at a variety of different diameters and depth, and it requires a special hollow, cylindrical drill bit that features diamond teeth. Accu-Cut can drill these holes in masonry at any angle, for whatever purpose that you need them.

Holes drilled in concrete and masonry serve a variety of purposes. Some projects use such holes to house utility lines or drainage lines. Others provide anchor points for furniture or playground equipment. When buildings are scheduled for demolition, we sometimes drill holes to position explosives. Whether the core has a diameter of half an inch or thirty inches, we have the drill bit and the technical know-how required to drill the core to the proper depth and at the proper angle. Call upon the professionals at Accu-Cut for the best results when drilling any core.

Concrete Demolition

If you are planning to demolish any structure, you are taking on a very difficult and complex operation. There are many factors that go into demolition, and Accu-Cut has decades of experience in providing this service to people. Whether you are taking down a multi-story structure or simply knocking out a wall, you must account for breached utility lines, weight distribution, safety, and a variety of other risks and factors. Turn to the experts at Accu-Cut, and we will help you with every step of the demolition process, including pre-planning, risk assessment, and debris removal.

Concrete Grinding

If you have ever had concrete flooring, you may know that over time, floors can become uneven. Uneven floors can become a tripping hazard, or become a liability for other reasons. Accu-Cut uses a technique called concrete grinding to plane down a concrete surface, making it even with the area that surrounds it. Concrete specialists use grinding to even out sidewalks, parking lots, floors, doorways, and other surfaces. Accu-Cut can plane down surfaces up to ¼”. In the even that ¼” isn’t sufficient, our professionals can recommend other solutions to ensure that your project ends with a safe and desirable outcome.

Concrete Breaking and Removing

Removing undesired concrete is not as simple as it sounds. The heavy equipment needed to break up concrete requires special training and licensing, and for good reason. This equipment is very dangerous when not used properly. Also, it can easily breach utility lines, causing serious damage, and risking people’s lives.

For these reasons, you should call on the professionals at Accu-Cut. Not only do we have the training necessary to operate such machines, we have the experience and skill required to give you precision cuts, ensuring that the building or project that we leave behind will serve you much better in the future. Call us with any concrete breaking project and we will handle it for you, and haul away your broken concrete as well.

Backhoe Services

Backhoes are large, specialized vehicles that are used for digging trenches, large-scale excavation, and debris removal. To get the most out of their use, you need operators with skill and experience. At Accu-Cut, we employ the best operators available and train them for proper operation as well as risk awareness and assessment.

Proudly Serving the City of Downey

Accu-Cut Concrete and Cutting has served the good people of Downey for over forty years, and to this day, we continue to provide the highest possible standards for professionalism and customer service. No matter what kind of project you have, whether it is concrete grinding, cutting, breaking, or removal, we have the equipment and expertise to make sure your job is done right. Call the professionals at Accu-Cut today, and get the results you are looking for.