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Accu-Cut offers comprehensive concrete services to the Duarte community. We have been established in the area since 1974, safely completing projects both large and small in scale. Our team specializes in precision concrete cutting and various demolition services, ensuring that the most dangerous and back-breaking work at your site is done well. We are dedicated to delivering quality results while maintaining the highest safety standards. Family owned and operated, Accu-Cut approaches every job with care and respect. If you have needs for concrete cutting or breaking in Duarte or anywhere in the Los Angeles area, simply give us a call.

Our Services

For a city to live up to its potential, it needs quality infrastructure and buildings. Here in Duarte, concrete is a commonly used in buildings, foundations, sidewalks, and more. For quality results, you need to work with professionals for concrete cutting, breaking, demolition, and more. Accu-Cut offers Duarte the services needed to keep the community looking and functioning well.

Duarte concrete cutting los angeles

Concrete Cutting

As you no doubt gathered from our name, one of the primary services we can offer residents and businesses in Duarte is concrete cutting. While the job sounds like something messy, we are actually able to make incredibly precise cuts in concrete walls, ceilings, slabs, stone, masonry, and even reinforced concrete, leaving the rest of the surface perfectly intact. We use high-grade tools and proven methods, allowing us to create clean lines that are gap-free and have no variations. The end result is a foundation for further work from the contractor of your choosing


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Core Drilling

When working with concrete, it is very easy for things to go wrong quickly, causing devastating damage to the property and injuries to those in the area. With core drilling, there is a risk to the integrity of the structure as a whole. This means you should only trust such work to specialists like those here at Accu-Cut. Our team offers core drilling for whatever purpose you need, including for internet lines, sewer lines, and electric lines.

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Concrete Demolition

Concrete demolition is a delicate job and can be used to remove an entire structure or just part of one. Accu-Cut is highly experienced in concrete demolition projects, having completed thousands of projects in Duarte and Southern California in general. We use industry-leading tools and experienced professionals, taking great care to only impact the structure being demolished. When finished, we will haul away the debris and properly dispose of it for you. And as is the case with all the work we do, we approach concrete demolition work with an eye for safety.

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Wall Sawing

Many owners of concrete buildings assume that there is no possibility for modification, unlike wood-frame buildings. However, it’s not impossible—just difficult. Using the correct tools and techniques, however, it can be done. Accu-Cut offers wall sawing services for both walls and sloped ceilings. This service is ideal for making openings for doors, windows, and other purposes.

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Concrete Grinding

Concrete surfaces may be uneven for a variety of reasons. The concrete may not have been poured correctly, tree roots below the surface can push it up, and ground shifts can lead to bumps. These bumps have the potential to be trip hazards and must be removed. We offer concrete grinding to grind down any bumps in your concrete walking surfaces, making them even and safe

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Backhoe Services

In both construction and demolition work, a lot of debris is generated. And this debris cannot simply be left as is. Removing large amounts of debris requires a backhoe. Accu-Cut offers backhoe service covering both the machine and the operator, guaranteeing safe and professional results. We can remove dirt and concrete, giving you the clean slate you need to continue with your project.

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Why Choose Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking?

Concrete is a difficult material to work with, and should something go wrong, there is potential for significant financial loss and harm to those working in or around the job site. If you have a concrete cutting or breaking job, you need a company that is experienced, licensed, and insured. For those in Duarte, that company is Accu-Cut

Accu-Cut doesn’t just meet the safety standards required by state and federal law; we exceed them, working hard to make certain that our job sites are as safe and secure as is possible. It is our belief that no matter how hard you search, you will not find another concrete company in Duarte that is as professional, hardworking, or careful as Accu-Cut.

Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting has been offering precision concrete services since 1974. In addition to the incredible results we deliver, we also work hard to stay within your budget. We can complete projects of any size; in the past we have worked on projects as large as the Los Angeles public transit system and as small as simple storage buildings on residential properties. For us, the scope of the project does not matter; with every job we take on, we deliver the best.

Part of delivering the best work is hiring the best workers. Accu-Cut is highly selective when it comes to the technicians we hire. Not only are they experienced, but they also must go through our in-house training program to ensure that they meet our standards, not just those of the industry at large. We equip them with best tools and machines, ensuring they are able to tackle any job.

In addition to our standard services, we also offer emergency service when the need arises. If you encounter a problem with a concrete structure that must be addressed immediately, call us so we can assemble a team and head over. Accu-Cut is always here for you.

Get Started with Accu-Cut

If you have a need for concrete cutting, breaking, coring, or demolition, contact Accu-Cut. We can come out to assess the job site and determine precisely which services you need. Once we give you a bid for the job, you just need to let us know you want to work with us and we will schedule the job. We know that in Duarte you have many choices for concrete work, and we are honored that you would choose us.

For a quick, free estimate on a concrete cutting or wall sawing job, give us a call at (310) 879-5358. We look forward to working with you