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The Concrete Cutting Source for the City of El Monte

In the City of El Monte, Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking is the industry leader in the safe, efficient modification and repair of concrete and masonry. Whether your goals are personal or commercial, our team of skilled providers delivers essential services that keep costs low and safety margins high. And our time-tested efficiency helps you stick to your optimal schedule on jobs of all sizes.

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Concrete Cutting

Whenever possible, today’s concrete cutting professionals don’t rely on the jackhammer, a noisy, debris-spewing tool incapable of producing precise cuts. Instead, for work performed on horizontal surfaces, they turn to a piece of equipment called a flat saw or slab saw. Flat saws can maintain an accurate cutting line while generating significantly less noise pollution, being equipped with super-tough circular blades. In addition, built-in vacuum systems help keep dust levels as low as possible. With a switch to the right type of blade, a flat saw can make short work of reinforced concrete or masonry, as well. Depending on the available maneuvering space, technicians make modification and repair cuts with floor-mounted machines or handheld models.

Accu-Cut is El Monte’s verified expert in horizontal concrete cutting. On worksites of all sizes, we maximize accuracy, efficiency, and safety by placing top-quality saws in the hands of seasoned professional operators. Indoors or outdoors, we focus on getting the job done.

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Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is the name given to any concrete or masonry cutting performed on a vertical or angled surface. Since gravity would pull a free-standing machine offline, the specialized saws used for this task are mounted on metal tracks and kept under remote control by operators stationed nearby. This arrangement makes it possible to produce the cuts needed for accurate placement of any overhead or above-ground openings. A wall saw can also play an essential role in the safe, speedy modification, removal or repair of vertical or angled concrete panels.

It’s not uncommon for cost-conscious builders and contractors to attempt to make angled or vertical cuts with handheld slab saws. However, in this case, the misguided effort to stay on budget can lead to severe setbacks in the form of inaccurate cuts, damaged equipment, and job site injuries. Accu-Cut performs all wall sawing operations with machines designed for this specific purpose. Our seasoned operators get it right the first time while placing a premium on a safe working environment.

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Core Drilling

On most modern construction projects, there is a need to drill accurately placed holes in hardened materials such as brick, stone, concrete or reinforced concrete. The mounted core drill serves as the go-to tool for the job, ensuring work that meets all requirements for diameter, height, and angle. This type of adjustable drill uses a specially designed, interchangeable circular bit to bore through the targeted material. Tasks that are greatly simplified by the use of a core drill include handrail installation, bench installation, utility installation and the setting of blasting charges for demolition work.

Core drilling places a premium on skill, experience and the use of top-quality equipment. At Accu-Cut, we excel in each of these critical areas. Our in-house team of trained drill operators can cut openings at your desired depth, height and angle, with a minimum diameter of ½ inch and a maximum diameter of 30 inches. The accuracy of our work will help you pass the inspections required to keep your project moving forward on your intended timetable.

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Concrete Demolition

Whether you’re dealing with a residential driveway or a massive commercial complex, safe demolition of a hardened material like concrete poses some serious challenges. Despite this fact, many homeowners, builders, and contractors leave demo work in the hands of personnel who lack any specific experience or training. At Accu-Cut, we understand the danger of this haphazard approach. That’s why we perform all demolition work with expert crews who know how to remove concrete efficiently while maintaining standards for job safety. In every case, the personnel we send to your worksite possess all required licensing and insurance.

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Concrete Breaking and Removing

Concrete breaking is a less intensive procedure than concrete demolition. Still, the safe performance of this work calls for the same level of care required on full-scale demo projects. The need for safety and proper procedure also applies to the removal of concrete after breaking or demolition work. Without experience and an eye for detail, the chances for accidents and other mishaps inevitably start to rise. Accu-Cut’s expertise in concrete breaking and removal will help you clear your worksite safely and avoid any unwanted complications.

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Concrete Grinding

Accurate grinding of concrete and asphalt is often the key to removing tripping hazards from walkways and other pedestrian-heavy areas. At Accu-Cut, we use handheld and floor-mounted grinders to remove as much uneven or cracked material as modern methods will allow. We also provide detailed guidance for situations in which a grinding procedure won’t remove enough material to meet current safety requirements.

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Backhoes and Backhoe Loaders

Backhoes and backhoe loaders are standard pieces of equipment on residential and commercial construction and renovation projects. Due in part to the approachable appearance of these tools, many people make the mistake of trusting their operation to untrained personnel. Instead of choosing this hazardous option, let Accu-Cut cover your needs with a wide range of backhoes and backhoe loaders operated by our professional staff. When facing tight deadlines, you’re sure to benefit from our combination of speed and safety consciousness.

Proudly Serving El Monte

El Monte is a city of more than 115,000 residents located in eastern Los Angeles County’s San Gabriel Valley. The community has deep roots in U.S. and California history, serving as the final stop on the famous Santa Fe Trail and the production locale for the country’s first TV variety shows. Today, El Monte is a residential center with strong ties to industry and commerce. Residents and visitors can easily access recreational and cultural destinations that include Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area and the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens.

Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking is west of El Monte at 417 W. 130th Street in Los Angeles. For more than four decades, we’ve served the greater L.A. region as a reliable source for affordable, top-quality concrete- and masonry-related services. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, builder or contractor, we’ll help you meet your project objectives while staying on the right side of local codes and construction regulations. Call us today for more information and a free estimate of your planned work.