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In El Segundo and all of South Bay, Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking is your time-tested leader in concrete and masonry modification, repair, and demolition. Over 40-plus years of continuous operation, we’ve served the needs of two generations of L.A.-area residents, businesses, and contractors. Regardless of the scope of your commercial or residential project, you can rely on our dedication to courtesy, safety and cost-cutting expertise.

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Concrete Cutting

Concrete’s durability and stability have made it a preferred construction material for hundreds of years. However, there is a flipside to these prized characteristics. Building contractors face a problematic task whenever they need to modify or repair existing concrete structures. At one time, the jackhammer was the go-to tool for this job. Today, many contractors have abandoned these loud, and inaccurate machines in favor of the new slab saw. Slab saws utilize super-tough circular blades, which make dead-accurate cuts in horizontal surfaces made from concrete, reinforced concrete, brick or stone. Depending on the size of the project and the amount of maneuvering space available, operators can choose to work with floor-mounted or handheld saws.

The experts at Accu-Cut are concrete cutting specialists. With our comprehensive inventory of floor-mounted and handheld slab saws, we can tackle any repair or modification job on your worksite. No matter the scale or location of your project, you’ll receive the same combination of safety, efficiency, and professionalism. Specific tasks we handle include utility trench formation, removal of damaged material and the creation of access points for utility repairs.

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Wall Sawing

While slab saws are the best option for work performed on horizontal surfaces, they do not provide the accuracy and safety margin needed for work performed on angled or vertical surfaces. To complete these types of jobs, knowledgeable professionals turn to another tool: the wall saw. Operators mount wall saws on sections of portable, metal track. Under the guidance of skilled operators, they make it possible to complete the elevated cuts required to do things such as create overhead openings, do work on concrete panels and make door or window openings.

Accu-Cut relies on seasoned personnel and the industry’s best equipment to meet all requirements for safe, accurate wall sawing. Our approach helps ensure that your project moves forward as planned without avoidable setbacks and poorly performed work. It also helps ensure that you maintain a safe job site and steer clear of costly accidents and injuries.

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Core Drilling

On all manner of renovation and construction projects, there is a frequent need to create circular openings in masonry, concrete or some other hardened material. These openings provide necessary access for crucial tasks such as utility and drain line installation, handrail installation and preparation for demolitions work. To meet stringent specifications for depth, width, and angle, experienced building contractors complete this type of work with a device called a core drill. When mounted on the proper support brackets and operated with care, core drills can deliver flawless results.

At Accu-Cut, we provide reliable expertise for all core drilling projects. Our highly trained operators have the experience and equipment necessary to drill holes at any angle or depth, with diameters ranging from ½ inch to a full foot and a half. On each job, we place an unwavering emphasis on meeting all design specifications and local code requirements.

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Concrete Demolition

Concrete demolition is used to remove an existing structure or prepare for any needed repair work. Like concrete modification and repair, demo work is a heavyweight task with little or no margin for error. However, because it seems relatively straightforward, project managers sometimes leave it in the hands of unskilled workers. This crucial misstep can lead to a range of serious problems, including injuries and structural collapses. Accu-Cut treats concrete demolition with the professionalism it deserves. After performing a detailed risk assessment, our licensed and insured staffers rely on best practices to remove the targeted material while maximizing worksite safety.

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Concrete Breaking and Removing

Concrete breaking and removing are two other standard construction and renovation tasks that seem simple but pose a real risk of severe mishaps. After all, it only takes a momentary lapse in judgment to puncture a gas or water line or make some other error that costs you money or degrades job site safety. Accu-Cut’s breaking and removal services meet the same rigorous standards we uphold for all our work. As always, we focus on speedy, safe performance on jobs of all sizes.

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Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is undertaken to level out abrupt elevation changes in sidewalks, parking lots and other high-traffic areas. Such unexpected changes can create significant tripping hazards. And unless you correct these types of risks, you may find yourself liable for any injuries that occur to pedestrians or other passersby. Grinding is yet another concrete-related task that seems straightforward but requires considerable expertise. Our staff of in-house technicians can shave away as much as a ¼ inch of unwanted material. We can also alert you to situations that call for some other form of repair or modification.

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Backhoe Services

Accu-Cut also provides a full slate of backhoe and backhoe loader services. These sturdy, maneuverable pieces of equipment are essential for trench digging and material hauling on a vast range of projects. However, they can do more harm than good when operated by untrained workers who are not familiar with the risks involved. Whatever the size of your worksite, we’ll dispatch the right combination of equipment and personnel to get the job done in a safe, effective manner.

Proudly Serving El Segundo and Los Angeles County

El Segundo is a seaside municipality of roughly 17,000 located south of Los Angeles International Airport and north of Manhattan Beach. The city belongs to a group of L.A.-area communities known collectively as the South Bay. Founded in the early 1900s, El Segundo has a longstanding association with Southern California’s petroleum and aerospace industries. Today, the municipality serves as host to major corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Chevron, Wyle Laboratories, Northrop Grumman, Mattel and AT&T Entertainment Hub. Visitors and residents enjoy easy access to the region’s many beaches, attractions, and annual events.

Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking serves El Segundo from our office situated due east of the city at 417 W. 130th Street in Los Angeles. For more than 40 years, residents and businesses have relied on us for our rock-solid commitment to timely, efficient performance at a reasonable price. We believe our track record for excellence places us head and shoulders above other providers in the greater Los Angeles region. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next project.