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Project Description

Electric Saw cut, break and remove 145′ of 6” thick concrete slab in front office area. Excavate for plumbing trenches. Place sand over plumbing pipes, epoxy dowel edges and patch concrete slab. Saw cut, break and remove 180′ of 6” concrete slab for wall footings, 80′ for stair footings and 30′ for plumbing trench. Excavate wall footings and stair footings and haul away dirt. Excavate for plumbing trench, place sand over pipes, backfill and compact dirt. Epoxy dowel edges, place rebar and anchor bolts for footings. Pour concrete footings and patch concrete slab at plumbing trench. Supply deputy inspection for epoxy dowels.Saw cut, break and remove 6′ x 6′ and 13’6” x 21′ areas of concrete slab. Saw cut, break and remove concrete slab for trenches and trench drains. Excavate trenches for drain lines and trench drains. Backfill and compact dirt in trenches. Dowel edges, place rebar, set up trench drains and pour 6” thick concrete in areas of trench and trench drains.