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Builders, remodelers and project managers commonly need a range of services to modify structures made from concrete, masonry and other super-hard aggregate materials. For vertical and sloped surfaces, one of the most frequently used options for modification is wall sawing. Some builders and managers attempt to cut costs or save time by hiring general contractors or other non-experts to cut needed wall openings. However, in more cases than not, these makeshift solutions do more harm than good. Instead of leaving your delicate, time-sensitive cutting needs in the hands of untrained workers, call on the verified expertise of the wall-sawing specialists at Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking.

Professional Concrete Wall Saw Operator in Los AngelesWHAT IS WALL SAWING?

Wall sawing is a technique used to cut through vertical or sloped surfaces made from concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry or block. Like slab or flat sawing, this technique relies on a modern cutting machine equipped with a blade made from sections of industrial diamond welded around a steel center. However, unlike the machines used for cutting through completely horizontal surfaces, the machines used for wall sawing are mounted on specialized aluminum tracks. During use, a wall saw moves over these tracks in a pattern set by the operator. Water supplied to the saw keeps the blade cool, and also knocks down any harmful silica dust produced by cutting into masonry or concrete.

The main advantages of a specialized wall saw are accuracy, efficiency and safety. Since the machine runs on tracks while under the control of a trained operator, it can make extremely precise cuts that just can’t be made with a hand-held or hand-guided saw. The thinness of the diamond blade increases the precision of the process, since it only cuts away enough concrete to complete the task at hand. This minimal material removal also makes the cutting process more efficient. The toughness of the diamond blade adds to overall efficiency by allowing the saw to cut through concrete and masonry faster than saws equipped with blades made from softer or less durable materials.

Wall saws increase safety margins because they have the power needed to cut through the tough rebar in reinforced concrete, and also cut deep enough to completely slice through most walls from one side. When necessary, a specialized wall saw can also safely cut through unusually thick walls from both sides. This means that no one will have to rig impromptu solutions for wall cutting that increase the risks for job-related injuries. Finally, wall saws produce very little vibration during operation, and therefore minimize the chances of damaging nearby sections of a building.

Wall Saw Services in Los AngelesWHEN DO YOU NEED TO USE A WALL SAW?

There are a wide variety of potential uses for a track-mounted wall saw. For example, you can use wall sawing to cut openings for new doors or windows in concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry. You can also use the process to enlarge the size of existing doors or windows. In addition, a wall saw can cut the openings for overhead doors, make highly accurate openings for vents and cut materials used to make stairs. Other common uses of the wall sawing process include making flush cuts in vertical concrete or masonry, and making the beveled cuts needed to create chamfered edges. You can also place a track-mounted wall saw on a horizontal surface to make cuts that are more accurate than those made by a slab saw or flat saw.

Many modern buildings are covered with an exterior surface made from precast concrete panels. Over time, these panels may need to be modified, replaced or removed altogether. A wall saw can cut through precast concrete and help facilitate all desired modifications, as well as replacement and removal efforts.

Commercial Concrete Wall Saw Services in Los AngelesWHY YOU NEED WALL-SAWING EXPERTS

Builders and construction companies sometimes turn to general contractors to make cuts in new or previously existing walls. This may be especially true when they only require small amounts of vertical sawing to complete their projects. Unfortunately, this reliance on personnel who lack the proper training and/or specialized equipment can cause major problems, even on the smallest of jobs. Crucially, an untrained employee using a hand saw simply can’t make vertical cuts that are accurate enough to meet the demanding requirements of most wall-sawing applications. And just as importantly, injuries caused by improper use of a wall saw, or attempts to cut through walls without the right equipment, can lead to serious legal liabilities, as well as needless project delays.

Diamond Blade Concrete Wall Saw Services in Los AngelesOUR SERVICES

At Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking, we have specialized in sawing through concrete and brick walls for more than two decades. In that time, we’ve provided top-notch work for thousands of customers located in communities throughout Orange County and greater Los Angeles. All of our operators are experts at their job, and undergo extensive training in order to stay current with the latest developments in wall-sawing technology. Whether your walls are made of concrete, brick or blocks, we can safely and accurately cut openings for doors, windows and duct openings through material as much as 18 inches thick. We can also use our wall saws to make super-accurate cuts of the same depth on horizontal concrete slabs. In addition, we have the expertise needed to make highly precise flush cuts and non-standard cuts that meet your unique specifications.

In typical situations, we can easily control the dust produced by wall sawing and minimize any potential for exposure to dangerous silica dust. Our work is also accurate enough to minimize or completely eliminate the need for any patching in the material surrounding the cut location. In all cases, we commit ourselves to fitting seamlessly into the timeline of your project and helping you meet your deadlines while upholding the highest standards for quality.


Accu-Cut has been in continuous operation since 1974. Whether you have a massive project that requires extensive wall sawing, or a small project that only calls for a few cuts, we have the skills needed to support your goals and help you achieve successful outcomes. Key features of our service include free onsite estimates, prompt scheduling of your requested work and speedy responses for emergency situations. From our centrally located home base in Gardena, our master operators and fully equipped vehicles can easily reach any residential, commercial or industrial site in L.A. or Orange County. Call today and find out why Accu-Cut is the region’s choice for premium quality wall sawing.


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