Accu Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking

began as a family-owned operation back in 1974. Since that time, we’ve expanded our reach, but we’ve never lost that family feeling, or our original commitment to worksite safety and the production of top-quality work at a competitive price. Our roots run deep in the communities of greater Los Angeles and Orange County. From our home in the City of Gardena, we offer a full slate of cutting, breaking, demolition and repair services to businesses, property managers and homeowners throughout the region. No matter the size of the project you have in mind, our expert staff, state-of-the-art equipment and full fleet of vehicles have got you covered.


Yes, we do. It’s true that many of our customers are builders and business owners working on medium-sized or large-scale projects. However, we also specialize in small-scale jobs for both businesses and homeowners. Importantly, we carry a broad range of equipment suitable for working on smaller projects, including hand-held saws, push saws and skid-steer loaders. This means that you’ll never have to worry about paying for overpowered machines, or machines not suitable for working in tight or limited spaces.
Absolutely. Services we offer to homeowners include concrete cutting, concrete demolition and concrete, asphalt and cement repair. We also do residential excavation work. Whether you need to repair a driveway, replace a concrete slab or cut through concrete surfaces during construction or renovation, we have the equipment and experience needed to work quickly and efficiently while maintaining high standards for quality and cost-effectiveness.
Yes they are. For more than 40 years, Accu-Cut has represented the very best in concrete cutting, demolition and repair services. However, we’ve never left affordability out of the equation. In every case, we rely on our extensive experience and the scalability of our equipment to carry out cost-effective work plans that meet your project’s requirements without breaking your budget.
We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and American Express. We can process your card over the phone, as well as in person at our Gardena offices. And rest assured, we never charge you a fee for the convenience of making financial arrangements by phone.
Certainly. Since 1974, Accu-Cut has provided commercial, industrial and residential services for literally thousands of clients throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County. Whatever type of project you’re planning, we can supply you with an extensive list of satisfied customers, as well as examples of our previous work.