Mosquitoes: The #1 Reason to Demolish an Unused Concrete Pool
02 April 2019
For a variety of reasons, you may have a concrete pool on your property that...
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Essential Tips and Tools for Concrete Grinding
10 March 2019
Whenever a floor is uneven, there is a high risk of injury to those walking...
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How to Know When a Concrete Pool Deck Needs Replacement
06 March 2019
For years, your concrete pool has stood up to regular use and changes of the...
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Top 5 Worksite Mobile Apps for Every Concrete Cutter
21 August 2018
When working on a construction project, you focus on safety every day. Each...
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Reducing the Risk of Concrete Cutting Vibration Injuries
10 July 2018
Power tools are dangerous; this is something we all know and understand. However,...
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Safety Tips for Working in Confined Concrete Spaces
18 June 2018
When completing construction work in a confined space, safety is always a significant...
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5 Worksites that Require a Backhoe or Front-End Loader
15 May 2018
Backhoes and front-end loaders are large pieces of machinery that can move thousands...
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Which Types of Rebar are Used in Concrete?
26 April 2018
Reinforcing bar, better known as rebar, plays a crucial role in the safe installation...
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Cutting Concrete Safety: Utilities, Rebar and More
03 April 2018
Concrete is a versatile construction material used for a wide variety of residential...
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Why Diamond Saw Blades Are the Best for Concrete Cutting
26 February 2018
Concrete is a super-tough material used to create everything from sidewalks...
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How Different Soils Affect Concrete Building Foundations
20 November 2017
Foundations play a crucial role in building construction by providing an enduring,...
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The Costliest Concrete Construction Projects Ever Built
12 October 2017
All over the world, concrete is one of the most popular building materials to...
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How to Detect Rain Damage in Concrete Surfaces
15 September 2017
Cement concrete is the most widely used material in construction because of...
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What are the Dangers of DIY Concrete Demolition?
01 August 2017
Paying someone to handle your concrete demolition job for you can get pretty...
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How to Repair Cracks in Concrete with DIY Epoxy Kits
10 July 2017
Homeowners and contractors alike can easily repair concrete cracks using DIY...
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3 Types of Concrete Damage Caused by Earthquakes in California
23 May 2017
Southern California is paradise—most of the time. One of the not-so-wonderful...
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Electric Saw vs Gas-powered Saw - Pros and Cons
03 May 2017
A concrete saw, also known as a cut-off saw, is a power tool similar to a chainsaw....
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Concrete Cutting -- How Should You Prepare Your Property?
05 April 2017
Concrete cutting means that big machinery and crews of workers will be moving...
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Recycled Concrete - What Can it be Used For?
21 February 2017
Concrete is the second most consumed material in the world after water. It surrounds...
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How Has Concrete Changed Since the 20th Century
28 January 2017
Concrete is one of the world’s oldest man-made building materials. In fact,...
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Silica Dust - Why It’s Important for Cutting and Breaking Services to Control
03 January 2017
What is Silica Dust? Silica dust is made of very fine particles of quartz, which...
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4 Signs Your Concrete is in Need of Repair
22 November 2016
4 Signs Your Concrete is in Need of Repair Whether you are examining the concrete...
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Concrete Sawing Slurry: Is it Safe?
26 October 2016
Thinking about taking on a construction project on your own? If it involves...
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3 Ways to Stay Safe by Hiring a Professional Cutting and Breaking Service
30 September 2016
Every day, homeowners, business owners and property managers carry out projects...
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