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Over time, concrete, asphalt and cement surfaces can accumulate significant amounts of damage. This is especially true for outdoor surfaces exposed to year-round weather conditions. In some cases, the accumulated damage is extensive enough to merit complete demolition and replacement of the affected material. However, in many situations, you can avoid the time and expense of demolition and total replacement by calling on a skilled concrete repair service to cut the concrete.


At Accu-Cut, we feature two things you absolutely must have to make concrete cutting jobs go smoothly: the right equipment and a staff of knowledgeable experts. Our full-size slab saws have the power needed to cut through concrete slabs as much as 12 inches thick. Outdoors, we use gasoline-driven saws for maximum speed, but indoors we can switch to efficient, electricity-driven models that allow us to preserve your building’s air quality. In tight indoor or outdoor spaces, we can get the job done with smaller slab saws known as push saws. When needed, we can also maneuver effectively in small areas with hand-held saws.

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Generally speaking, the most common form of Concrete cutting is Slab Sawing or “Flat Sawing” used on horizontal surfaces. This method requires a skilled operator guiding a wheeled cart known as a “walk-behind” machine, which is equipped with a large, super-tough blade made from industrial diamonds fused to a steel central hub. As the machine moves forward, this blade slices downward through concrete, reinforced concrete, or masonry of varying thicknesses. Electric Sawing is another method of concrete cutting. This is usually the method used when a gas-powered saw cannot be used due to air-quality concerns inside a building.


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