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During construction and renovation, builders and remodelers frequently need to modify new or existing concrete surfaces in order to meet the specific needs of their projects. Failure to perform this work accurately while maintaining a safe work environment can lead to a number of serious setbacks, including project delays and jobsite injuries. Fortunately, you can avoid these problems by hiring concrete cutting experts who know how to perform top-quality work, keep your site safe and stick to even the tightest deadline. In greater Los Angeles and Orange County, the go-to experts for concrete cutting are found at Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking.

Concrete Contractor in Los AngelesWHAT IS CONCRETE CUTTING?

You can also use the concrete cutting process to make openings in concrete ceilings or cut through concrete slabs or walls, reinforced concrete, masonry or stone.

There are several basic advantages to concrete cutting. Where a jackhammer leaves behind a rough or jagged edge, a concrete saw leaves behind an accurate, predictable line. Modern saws also come equipped with vacuums that suck up dust as they cut and greatly reduce the amount of concrete and masonry dust circulating around your worksite. In addition, concrete saws have the power to quickly cut through masonry and concrete, and thereby help reduce the amount of time it takes to complete your project.

Slab Saw Concrete Cutting in Los AngelesSLAB SAWING

Slab sawing, also known as flat sawing, is now the most commonly used method for cutting through horizontal surfaces made from concrete or masonry. In this form of cutting, an operator guides a wheeled cart known as a walk-behind machine, which is equipped with a large, super-tough blade made from industrial diamonds fused to a steel central hub. As the machine moves forward, this blade slices downward through concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry of varying thicknesses. Because of its diamond content, the blade on a walk-behind machine retains its size and cutting effectiveness even after repeated use. In addition, the narrow width of the blade makes it possible to speed up the pace of work by minimizing the amount of concrete the machine must cut through to get the job done. As an added benefit, this also minimizes the amount of dust created by cutting concrete or masonry.


Electric Sawing is used when a gas powered saw cannot be used because of air quality control inside a building or a room.

Concrete Cutting Services in Los AngelesOUR CUTTING SERVICES

Only a trained specialist has the skill and practical experience needed to develop and carry out effective plans for concrete cutting. Left in the hands of a general contractor or unskilled employees, even seemingly straightforward cutting jobs can quickly go wrong and lead to needless mistakes and project delays. At Accu-Cut, we feature two things you absolutely must have to make concrete cutting jobs go smoothly: the right equipment and a staff of knowledgeable experts.

Our full-size slab saws have the power needed to cut through concrete slabs as much as 18 inches thick. Outdoors, we use gasoline-driven saws for maximum speed, but indoors we can switch to efficient, electricity-driven models that allow us to preserve your building’s air quality. In tight indoor or outdoor spaces, we can get the job done with smaller slab saws known as push saws. When needed, we can also maneuver effectively in small areas with hand-held saws.

Our saw operators have been in the business of concrete cutting for more than two decades. This means that they have the experience and know how needed to assess each project, develop an effective plan for achieving the desired objective, and make accurate cuts while maintaining jobsite safety. The end result for you is top-quality work that helps keep your project on time and within your budgetary expectations.


Over time, concrete, asphalt and cement surfaces can accumulate significant amounts of damage. This is especially true for outdoor surfaces exposed to year-round weather conditions. In some cases, the accumulated damage is extensive enough to merit complete demolition and replacement of the affected material. However, in many situations, you can avoid the time and expense of demolition and total replacement by calling on a skilled concrete repair service.

At Accu-Cut, we’ve been repairing concrete, asphalt and cement surfaces throughout the region since we first opened for business back in 1974. Our extensive experience gives us the ability to match our repair options to your specific needs. For example, if you’re dealing with uneven or uplifted pavement, we can potentially provide a solution by grinding the affected concrete and smoothing out spots that create a risk for tripping and falling. If you have cracks in a driveway, we can remove and patch the damaged area, or even demolish and replace an entire slab. In addition, we perform needed repairs on other concrete structures such a machine bases and drainage swales.


Family-owned Accu-Cut Concrete Cutting and Breaking has a proven track record for top-notch work, convenient scheduling and rapid responses in emergency situations. Whether you need concrete cutting services or concrete, asphalt or cement repairs, you can count on our staff of experts to arrive promptly, use the right equipment for the job and meet your highest expectations for affordable quality. Call our Gardena offices today for a free estimate on your latest cutting or repair project.


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