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Concrete Demolition in Los AngelesCONCRETE DEMOLITION IN LOS ANGELES, CA

Concrete demolition: Just from the name, you know it is a massive undertaking. Any time you are completing a demolition project, there are thousands of variables at play that could lead to disaster. Because of the potential for things to go wrong, you must choose a team with the right level of training and experience, as well as access to the best equipment; here at Accu-Cut, we are confident that we fit the bill. When you work with us, you will be happy with the results.

Commercial Concrete Demolition in Los AngelesLICENSED AND INSURED

When selecting a company to take on your concrete demolition project, you need to make certain that the company you choose has the correct licenses at the local and state level. Accu-Cut is properly licensed and fully insured to perform all manner of concrete demolition. We meet both local and federal requirements for operation and endeavor to not just meet, but exceed industry safety standards. And since we back all of our work with our company guarantee, you never have to worry about being satisfied with our results.

Concrete Contractor Concrete Removal in Los AngelesNO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL

From small outbuildings to entire shopping centers, we can provide you with the safe and efficient concrete demolition that you need. Accu-Cut can handle everything from breaking concrete to removal of the concrete once the demolition is complete. We ensure that our service is professional, fast, and affordable for you. We pride in recycling as much material as possible.

We always take care to plan every element of the project, anticipating potential problems and putting a plan in place before we ever get started. We can offer you extensive or complete demolition as well as controlled, partial demolitions. No matter your needs, we are able to meet them.

Industrial Concrete Demolition in Los AngelesCOMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL SPACES

Whether you are seeking partial or total demolition, Accu-Cut is the company to turn to. Our training and experience allows us to take care of business while minimizing the disruptions your business experiences and ensuring the safety of all involved. With our service, you will quickly be able to move on to the next step of your project, realizing your vision in no time. Some of the commercial and industrial spaces we offer concrete demolition services for include:

· Commercial centers, · Schools, · Hospitals, · Warehouses, · Factories, · Storage facilities


As with our commercial and industrial concrete demolition services, we can offer you partial or complete residential concrete demolition. We know that your goal is to get back to life as usual as soon as possible, and to keep yourself to your usual routine. When possible, we will complete the project with minimal disruption to you. Even when this is not possible, we work at a steady pace, getting our team in and out as fast as we can without compromising the quality of the work we do.

Safe Concrete Demolition in Los AngelesOUR PROCESS

While our team, experience, and equipment are all vital to our success, we don’t want to overlook the role our process plays in our achievements. Read below to learn more about our demolition process and what you can expect from working with Accu-Cut.

1. Initial Assessment: This is when we come to the job site and evaluate the situation. We will talk to you about what you are looking for so we can precisely meet your expectations and determine what will be the best approach given the space being demolished and the desired outcome. By the end of the initial assessment, you should have an understanding of our approach and a bid so you know what the job will cost you.

2. Hazard Marking: We want you to be confident in choosing us, so we expect you to get bids from several companies in addition to Accu-Cut. Should you choose us—and we are confident that you will—the next step will be to schedule and prepare for the job. Part of our preparation is to complete hazard marking. This is done by a supervisor to ensure that demolition can be completed without harming the water mains, gas lines, and electric lines.

3. Setting Up the Safety Perimeter: With demolition, safety is a major concern. You want to make sure that no one involved with the job or property, or those nearby, can be hurt during the process. We will establish a safety perimeter, securing it with fencing if needed, to make certain no one can get close enough to the demolition to be injured.

4. Bringing in the Equipment: After we secure the job site, we will bring in the equipment needed to get the job done. We are happy to explain to you how the equipment works so that you are comfortable with use starting the demolition.

5. Completing the Demolition: As soon as both you and the foreman give the okay, demolition can begin. We will endeavor to complete this as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality of our work.

6. Optional Breaking and Removal: Once the demolition is complete, the concrete needs to go somewhere. We would like for you to use Accu-Cut to handle the breaking and removal of the concrete debris. We will break the debris into manageable chunks or pulverize as needed. Then, we will haul the debris away, recycling the pieces that we can at a concrete recycling center.


From Cutting Concrete to Demolition, Trust the Concrete Precision Leaders.

Asphalt Removal in Los AngelesOUR EXPERTISE

Here at Accu-Cut, demolition has long been one of our core competencies. We take great pride in our ability of offer safe, comprehensive demolition services at both commercial and residential levels. For soft demolition, hard demolition, partial demolition, and total demolition, we are the company to choose. Minimizing risks and maximizing productivity, it is clear why we are the industry leaders within Southern California.

Recommended Concrete Contractors in Los AngelesTRUST IN ACCU-CUT

Serving the area since 1974, you can see our incredible work throughout the metropolitan area. You don’t just need to get the job done; you need to get the job done right. Turn to us for the best concrete demolition service in the Los Angeles area. We are excited to work with you.