Essential Tips and Tools for Concrete Grinding

Whenever a floor is uneven, there is a high risk of injury to those walking on it. Irregularities must be eliminated to ensure safety and function. Luckily, this rarely requires redoing the entire floor; concrete grinding will remedy the problem in the majority of cases.

Concrete grinding is a delicate job and should only be completed by a trained professional. To better understand what all goes into this work, here are the essential tips and tools for concrete grinding used by professional masonry workers:

The Tips

Tailor Tool Selection to the Job: Concrete comes in many variations, and the tools used must be adjusted to the concrete worked on. This means that the professional must select the right diamond tooling with the appropriate bond hardness. Using the wrong tooling for the surface worked on can damage the floor, deliver less-than-stellar results, and even harm the tool.

Sand Helps: While big, fancy tools are crucial to getting excellent results, there is something unexpected that can make the end product even better: sand. Throwing sand onto the slab can help remove residue, open the diamond segments on the tooling, and provide additional abrasive to grind the concrete faster.

Temperature Matters: The hotter the surface, the more dangerous the work. It’s a good idea to pre-soak the slab before working on it. This will help the surface, and the tooling remain at a lower and safer temperature. The tooling will also be more effective when working in colder temperatures. Of course, this matters more in warmer climates than colder ones.

Always Be Cautious: There is a lot that can go wrong when grinding concrete. From injuries by the blades to electric shock, operators need to take the right precautions to protect themselves. Gloves and eye protection must be worn, and any work on or adjustments to the tools should be done while they are unplugged. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The Tools

Diamond Tooling: This is the most essential tool required for concrete grinding. As noted above, it needs to have the appropriate bond hardness. Most professionals will have a slate of options on hand, so they don’t need to search aimlessly for the proper tool.

Multi-Directional Grinder: Technically, this is not an essential tool, but for companies that specialize in concrete grinding, it is indispensable. Why? Because the heads can spin in either direction, preventing the diamond tooling from wearing down too much.

Water: While not a tool in the traditional sense, water does make concrete work easier. It loosens adhesives, cools the surface, and reduces concrete dust. And once we finish the job, it helps with the cleanup process, which professional companies should always take care of.

Sand: As we noted in our tips, sand can be quite helpful when grinding concrete. There is no need to search for the right type either; even the stuff in a child’s sandbox will do. It is a cheap way to improve results and maintain tooling.

Seeking Professional Service

Concrete grinding may seem like a simple thing to do, but the truth is that the work is quite nuanced. Even if you can rent the equipment needed, it is not advisable to go DIY for concrete grinding, or concrete work in general. A slip up with the task could result in greater irregularities in the flooring and even damage to the foundation of the building, not to mention injury to the inexperienced operator. So, professionals can get the job done quickly and without any risk, often for about the same cost as going it alone. As such, there is no reason to skip working with a professional concrete company for concrete grinding, cutting, and more.

Concrete Cutting, Grinding, and More From Accu-Cut

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