Mosquitoes: The #1 Reason to Demolish an Unused Concrete Pool

For a variety of reasons, you may have a concrete pool on your property that you no longer use. You might not view this as a problem compared to other issues you face in daily life. But, in reality, an unused or unmaintained pool can be a major health hazard. That’s true because mosquitoes can use that pool as an active breeding ground. In turn, mosquitoes in California and other areas can transmit a range of harmful diseases. Let’s take a closer look at why this issue is the main reason to demolish an unused concrete pool.

Mosquitoes and the Spread of Disease

Before going any further, it helps to understand how mosquitoes spread disease. These small insects rely on warm blood for their food. That’s why humans make such delightful mosquito snacks during certain parts of the year. In addition to people, mosquitoes will feed on a vast assortment of other creatures. Unfortunately, some of those creatures carry viruses that are dangerous or even life-threatening to humans.

The spread of disease occurs when an infected mosquito bites a person and passes on a virus. In California, recent attention has focused on the transmission of the West Nile Virus. Other states with a focus on this contagious organism include Florida, Texas, Nevada and Arizona. Most people infected with West Nile don’t develop any symptoms. However, about 20 percent will experience a high fever and other notable issues. Also, about one out every 150 people infected with the virus develops complications that can lead to death.

What Role Does An Unused Pool Play?

Mosquitoes like to breed in still, stagnant water. Favorable conditions exist in everything from discarded tires to birdbaths. They can also be found in unused pools made from concrete or other materials. It doesn’t take much water to provide mosquitoes with a good breeding spot. In fact, they can reproduce efficiently in places with water depth as low as an inch.

If you don’t use or regularly maintain your pool, you may be inviting mosquitoes in for a visit. Neglected and abandoned pools are recognized by disease control experts as serious sources of disease-carrying insects. In fact, just a single abandoned backyard swimming spot can serve as a breeding ground for millions of mosquitoes. Once airborne, those millions of insects can infest an entire neighborhood. Of course, the problem is worse in neighborhoods with multiple neglected or abandoned pools.

Demolishing a Concrete Pool

With all this in mind, you may decide that it’s time to have your concrete pool demolished. But what does this process involve? There are two basic approaches to pool demolition: partial removal and full removal. In partial removal, qualified service providers will start by punching holes in the bottom of your pool. Next, they will break apart the top 18 to 36 inches of the pool walls. Then, they will then use this rubble and an overlay of soil to backfill the area. In the last step, they will make the surface stable by compacting the ground.

In a full removal procedure, all of the concrete in your pool is broken apart and removed. Once removal is complete, your qualified providers will backfill the resulting hole with suitable material. They will complete the job with the same compacting procedure used during partial removal. If you have an above-ground pool, you can avoid the need to backfill or compact the soil. Some jurisdictions will allow you to partially or completely remove a concrete pool without input from a trained engineer. However, others may require you to hire an engineer to oversee the work.

Both partial and complete demolition have their pluses and minuses. If you choose partial destruction, you have to disclose that fact to any future homebuyers. In turn, this may affect the value of your property. If you choose full demolition without an engineer’s assistance, you may be forbidden from building massive structures on the site. This can also lead to changes in property value. Full demolitions overseen by an engineer don’t carry the same restriction, and therefore don’t alter property value. However, the bill for this kind of pool removal is higher.

Ready to demolish your unused pool and eliminate your mosquito-related risks? Be sure to make arrangements with trusted professionals at Accu-cut. We are experts in the safe, efficient removal of concrete structures, and can provide detailed advice on the most suitable removal options for your unique situation.


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