Concrete Cutting — How Should You Prepare Your Property?

Concrete cutting means that big machinery and crews of workers will be moving around your property. In addition, it means that some major changes will be happening, whether you’re having a window cut out, shaving off a portion of a concrete floor or cutting out a portion of a concrete ceiling. No matter what the setting, you’ll need to do some preparations to ensure that your property is ready for these major modifications. Here’s our advice for concrete cutting preparation at your property:

Clear it Out

Remove all of your personal items, equipment, and belongings from the space where the concrete will be cut. This goes for indoors and out. Remember, there will be dust and debris produced as a result of the cutting. We recommend clearing out the entire room where the concrete cutting will happen or at least leave a large radius around the area in question so that there is ample space to work.

Dust Control

The major concern during concrete cutting is dust control. Although here at Accu-Cut we use modern saws that are equipped with vacuums that suck up dust, there’s no way to eliminate all of the dust that’s produced. Concrete produces a very fine dust when its cut. It can get into everything! We do everything we can to minimize the dust produced, however, we still recommend that you take the following precautions:


If the cutting will happen in a contained space or room, we recommend that in addition to closing doors, you also place sheets of plastic covering the doorway and tape them down while the cutting is in process. You’ll also want to protect any items left close to the vicinity of the cutting with drop cloths.


Depending on the type of flooring in the area where the cutting will take place, you should protect it with sheets of plastic. You can tape it to the walls using painter’s tape.

HVAC System

One aspect often overlooked in dust control are HVAC systems and air ducts. If possible, shut these systems down to avoid spreading dust throughout your property during the concrete cutting.


If the cutting will take place in the outdoors, there are fewer concerns about dust spreading. However, do consider the logistics of the cutting. If there are shrubs or landscaping features near the area that need to be cut, these may need to be removed or pruned back beforehand so that the work teams can access the site.

Do you still have questions? You can always contact your concrete cutting contractor for more information about what to expect and any necessary preparations.

Concrete cutting can help prepare your property for renovations and help make it more functional for you. From adding a window or doorway to shaving down a floor being prepared for an additional treatment, concrete cutting serves many purposes. Although the process may be messy at times, the end results all make it worth it.

Ready to get started with your concrete cutting project? Accu-Cut is your partner in concrete cutting and breaking in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at 310.879.5358 to discuss your project!


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