What are the Dangers of DIY Concrete Demolition?

Paying someone to handle your concrete demolition job for you can get pretty pricy, depending on the size of the job. And even with more affordable jobs, it can be tempting to save money and just complete the demolition yourself. But this would be a mistake.

We know what you are thinking: Of course we would say that! Concrete demolition is part of our business. But the reason we say you should not go DIY on your concrete demolition isn’t because we’re trying to drive more business; it’s because DIY concrete demolition is dangerous, often in ways you don’t realize. Rather than take on the following dangers to save some money, we encourage you to trust your concrete demolition job to the professionals.

Risk #1: The Tools Are Dangerous

All tools are dangerous. Even just hammering a nail into the wall can quickly become a painful experience. But the tools used in concrete demolition are difficult to control, and if something goes wrong, you are risking injuries far greater than a bruised and swollen thumb. Push-back, kick-back, and pull-in are all problems with concrete demolition tools, and the injuries they can cause can be life-threatening. Many of these tools use gas to operate, which means they produce toxic fumes, and you must take care to properly ventilate the space. Additionally, as you use the tools, the blades can become worn, making them dangerous to use. Professional demolition teams are trained in operating these tools safely.

Risk #2: Concrete Can Be Unpredictable

From the outside, concrete looks nice and smooth. But once you get inside, it isn’t. Lots of stuff goes into concrete to form the substance and provide stability. Once you get to cutting or breaking, you can encounter rebar, steel mesh, or brisk ties. Other problems that can arise are pinched cuts, off-line cuts, and blunt cutting edges which are caused by incorrect tools, techniques, and shifting in the concrete. All of these things can cause push-back, kick-back, and pull-in in an instant. A trained professional knows that to look for to avoid these situations and how to handle it when they occur.

Risk #3: Concrete Dust is Hazardous

When you cut or break concrete, concrete dust is produced. This dust is dangerous to breathe and a slip hazard. When concrete dust gets into the lungs, it can cause irritation and make you sick. And since concrete dust is slick, is can cause you to fall as it comes into contact with various surfaces. Professional teams have tools that utilize water to control concrete dust, as well as the masks needed to protect themselves.

Risk #4: You Don’t Know What Lies Beneath

Underneath the concrete you want to demolish can be all sorts of important things you don’t want to damage. There could be the electric cables that bring electricity to the rest of your property, water pipes, gas pipes, and sewer pipes. Damaging any of these is going to be problematic at best and deadly at worst; while it is a problem to be without electricity, getting electrocuted by cutting into the live lines can be fatal. Once again, professional teams know how to avoid these hazards.

Skip DIY; Hire a Professional

Ultimately, with concrete demolition, the money you would save going DIY simply isn’t worth the risks. Professional teams know the risks and how to avoid them, ensuring that your job is completed correctly and safely. If you have a concrete demolition job, big or small, the Accu-cut team is here for you.


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