Top 5 Worksite Mobile Apps for Every Concrete Cutter

When working on a construction project, you focus on safety every day. Each job presents its unique hazards, and your team must always be on the same page to avoid falls, injury from machines, and being crushed by massive objects. Choosing an app for your team to document hazards and incidents is critical for protecting them; by keeping them informed on the job site, your teammates will know exactly what to look out for and be able to avoid further problems. In this blog, we will discuss five of the most useful applications for promoting a safe work environment when working with concrete.

1. Safety Meeting

Safety Meeting enables contractors to record and log OSHA-required safety meetings and is compatible with phones, tablets, and computers, including all browsers. It is designed to be a one-stop shop for all things safety-related for your company, which facilitates communication across your entire team.

Fully compliant with all OSHA-related meeting laws, Safety Meeting takes attendance at meetings, logs incidents, accidents and near-misses, and provides appropriate documentation of all safety-related subjects for over 35 industry trades. It can generate and print PDFs, record disciplinary actions with signatures, and keep track of unlimited numbers of active or inactive users and employees. It also contains a vast database of pre-written safety information on over 950 topics.

2. SafeSite

SafeSite’s creators designed it as a mobile platform for workers in high-risk areas to prevent and resolve safety issues as they work. It offers inspection templates that are customizable, and various tools for managing hazards, defects, plants, and equipment. By recording information in real-time, professionals can communicate with each other across the job site as fast as they can type.

Safesite keeps track of how much time workers lose to injuries, and automatically generates daily and weekly safety reports. These and other reports can be exported easily as PDFs. The app can also inform workers of new developments through SMS messaging, email, and in-app real-time notifications.

3. SafeworkPro

SafeworkPro is a useful app that enables construction workers to manage safety-related forms online through their smartphones and tablets, without the hassle of handling paperwork. Able to access their critical forms at any place and time, workers need not deviate from their tasks to stay in compliance. Even when working outside of cell coverage, the app will still function offline on Android and iOS devices.

Workers with this app can complete their risk assessments and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) while on the job. Management will use the app to ensure that everyone is filling out their forms, and provide suggestions for job steps and general hazards. They can also ascertain which team members are at high risk of injury at any given time.

4. Fall Safety Pro

Fall Safety Pro provides a straightforward function: It employs specific sensors built into the Android or iPhone that can detect whether its user is falling. If the app detects a fall, it immediately sends out an alert to others at the site to pinpoint the worker’s location and come to their aid.

The app does give the worker a small window of time to dismiss the fall as a false alarm. With no response, or with a confirmation, help will arrive shortly. Of course, the worker must be carrying his or her phone for the app to function. However, in case of a fall, this is the best tool for getting aid to the worker quickly.

5. Red Cross First Aid

Red Cross First Aid is a handy quick reference for mitigating injuries of all types and severity. When an injury occurs, the first responders are typically coworkers, who have any number of minutes to administer aid until trained EMTs arrive. To do this, they will need a reference for pulling up critical information about breaks, sprains, puncture wounds, lacerations, concussions, and more. RCFA offers comprehensive step-by-step instructions that are interactive, and they are available in video format and in Spanish. A 911 option even allows you to summon emergency services straight from the app.

Red Cross First Aid also enables the layman to learn emergency medicine during his or her downtime. It offers quizzes to help the worker retain the material. It even provides solutions to unexpected situations such as weather emergencies and chemical spills. Moreover, during an emergency, it will locate the nearest hospital based on your location. It increases safety on the job site, helps you to prepare for severe weather, and enables you to get help to an area quickly.


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