4 Signs Your Concrete is in Need of Repair

4 Signs Your Concrete is in Need of Repair

Whether you are examining the concrete around the outside of your home or a building you maintain, there are certainly many areas where concrete is present. Concrete is a common building material which starts as a liquid, but hardens into a sturdy mass; and is used to stabilize structures, and create walkways and other constructions. Though concrete is strong and durable, it’s constantly subjected to the elements, which will undoubtedly wear it down over time. But how do you know if the concrete around your home or buildings is sound or in need of repair? At Accu-Cut, concrete is our most common material. We use it daily, and know what it should and should not look like. Please read on to read some of our pro-tips to know if your concrete may need some professional help.

         1. The Appearance of Cracks

When cracks appear in concrete, that is a sign that your concrete may need some repair work. If you notice cracks in your driveway, this can be due to the fact that soil beneath the concrete slabs are expanding and contracting thanks to periods of drought followed by rainy spells. These are certainly weather conditions we are familiar with in Southern California, and this type of natural phenomena adversely affects concrete works. Other places where you may notice cracks is in your basement walls, and this is an issue that needs to be assessed by experts, like us at Accu-Cut. Your concrete may need to have a touch-up, or undergo leveling to correct the issue and prevent further damage.

        2. The Concrete Appears Uneven

If you suddenly notice that your concrete, whether a horizontal driveway or a vertical wall, seems uneven and not as smooth as it was originally, this may be a serious issue that requires immediate attention. Uneven concrete may be attributed to weathering or shoddy foundation work, and it will continue to break and crumble if ignored, possibly leading to injury. Before it gets worse, please contact us at Accu-Cut so that we can help assess the issue and repair it for you.

        3. Water Pooling on Concrete Driveways and Patios

When water collects and pools on your concrete structures following rain, this may be a sign that your concrete is not allowing for natural drainage. This is generally the first sign that will lead to worse wear on your concrete if it is not addressed quickly. While your concrete structures should have been finished with a waterproof coat upon installation, this is something that can wear away due to weathering over time, so you may need to have areas repaired, replaced and finally waterproofed again.

        4. Has an Overall Aged Appearance

Even the most sound and sturdy structures are destined to age. With concrete, this isn’t typically difficult to decipher. It may have a combination of the signs listed above – there are cracks, its uneven (and may have potholes), and water is pooling. There usually is also an overall dowdy look about it, so to speak. The coloring is darkened and shabby, and may have rust streaks. When this is the appearance of your concrete, it is definitely time to call the experts, like us at Accu-Cut, to make sure your concrete undergoes a professional evaluation. We will talk to you about what the next step should be, set up a schedule and help work within your budget.

At Accu-Cut, we are the leading concrete contractors in Los Angeles. Concrete is our life, and we can help repair or install a new concrete driveway, wall, patio, or foundation for your home or business, and make sure it is weather-proofed so that it will survive the elements as long as possible. To schedule a free estimate, call us today at 310-879-5358.


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