Concrete Sawing Slurry: Is it Safe?

Thinking about taking on a construction project on your own? If it involves concrete, you need to read up on concrete sawing slurry before you begin. This byproduct of concrete cutting requires special attention to ensure that no one is harmed by it.

Is Concrete Sawing Slurry Safe?

Let’s start off by answering the question from the title. Concrete sawing slurry is safe if it is handled correctly. This slurry is a mixture of water and hardened concrete residue that is produced by grinding or cutting concrete. It is created when the cooling water used on the diamond blade mixes with the concrete dust. Handled wrong, it can be problematic, but if you know where and how to dispose of it, it shouldn’t pose any problems.

While it isn’t a naturally occurring material, it is not hazardous or harmful to the us or the environment. The California Department of Transportation has conducted significant research on concrete sawing slurry and they have found that the characteristics of it are not considered hazardous waste, that slurry presents no toxic threat to humans, animals, or nature, and that the pH is within the Title 22 standards.

How to Dispose of Concrete Sawing Slurry

While concrete sawing slurry isn’t harmful, there are improper ways of disposing of it that can cause significant problems. You should not, for example, get out the power washer and wash it down the drain. And you should not simply let it be; if you do, it will eventually make its way into your pipes and start to erode them. Not to mention that it will eventually make its way into the water supply, which is also unwanted.

The first thing to look into are specialized products designed to help make it easier to clean up and remove concrete sawing slurry. These products are designed to be mixed with the slurry, helping it gel together so it can simply be scooped up, placed into a container, and disposed of. You will need to find the correct place to dispose of the slurry, and the correct place will vary depending on the laws where you live.

The next thing to look into is a concrete service that is willing to come over and take care of the concrete sawing slurry for you. While it will cost more than going DIY, you will receive professional service that will take care of every step in the process, from using the products correctly to disposing of the slurry.

The last option to consider is a concrete slurry recycling service. Not all areas will have this service available, but if yours does, they should be happy to come out and remove the slurry for you, safely and efficiently.

Need Advice?

Accu-Cut is here to help. If you have any questions about our service, concrete sawing slurry disposal, or anything else related to working with concrete, we are happy to help. Simply give us a call or stop in at our storefront. We are always here for you.


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