Mosquitoes: The #1 Reason to Demolish an Unused Concrete Pool

For a variety of reasons, you may have a concrete pool on your property that you no longer use. You might not view this as a problem compared to other issues you face in daily life. But, in reality, an unused or unmaintained pool can be a major health hazard. That’s true because mosquitoes can [...]

Essential Tips and Tools for Concrete Grinding

Whenever a floor is uneven, there is a high risk of injury to those walking on it. Irregularities must be eliminated to ensure safety and function. Luckily, this rarely requires redoing the entire floor; concrete grinding will remedy the problem in the majority of cases. Concrete grinding is a delicate job and should only be [...]

How to Know When a Concrete Pool Deck Needs Replacement

For years, your concrete pool has stood up to regular use and changes of the seasons. But now, it’s begun to show some visible signs of wear and tear. Up to a certain point, the damage you notice may have no practical effect. However, over time, your deck may develop issues that call for professional [...]

Top 5 Worksite Mobile Apps for Every Concrete Cutter

When working on a construction project, you focus on safety every day. Each job presents its unique hazards, and your team must always be on the same page to avoid falls, injury from machines, and being crushed by massive objects. Choosing an app for your team to document hazards and incidents is critical for protecting [...]

Reducing the Risk of Concrete Cutting Vibration Injuries

Power tools are dangerous; this is something we all know and understand. However, we tend to think about the injuries that are instantaneous and require immediate medical treatment. What most do not realize is that even when things look okay, those who operate power tools can suffer long-term damage that builds up over time. One [...]

Safety Tips for Working in Confined Concrete Spaces

When completing construction work in a confined space, safety is always a significant concern. However, when the material worked with is concrete, there are new risks introduced. It is vital that any construction crew working with concrete in confined spaces follows the tips below to remain safe. First, Know What a Confined Space Is While [...]

5 Worksites that Require a Backhoe or Front-End Loader

Backhoes and front-end loaders are large pieces of machinery that can move thousands of pounds of dirt and debris with ease. But, when is this equipment the best option for your job, project or worksite? Here are five different worksites where a backhoe or front-end loader are essential pieces of equipment you won’t want to [...]

Which Types of Rebar are Used in Concrete?

Reinforcing bar, better known as rebar, plays a crucial role in the safe installation of many types of concrete structures. That’s because this bar, which comes in a range of diameters and lengths, dramatically increases concrete’s ability to withstand forces that would otherwise twist or bend it out of position. However, not all rebar is [...]

Cutting Concrete Safety: Utilities, Rebar and More

Concrete is a versatile construction material used for a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. This versatility provides many benefits, but it can also pose challenges. For example, anyone seeking to repair, modify or remove a concrete surface or structure must be alert to the possibility of running into underlying materials. Common examples of [...]

Why Diamond Saw Blades Are the Best for Concrete Cutting

Concrete is a super-tough material used to create everything from sidewalks and streets to office buildings and commercial and industrial complexes. When carrying out construction or renovation plans, builders must often cut through this material or its even tougher counterpart, reinforced concrete. On projects large and small, diamond saw blades tipped with industrial diamonds form [...]